Are Lazy Men Responsible For Many Women Not Having [email protected]?


By: Krystle Crossman

Many women find themselves underwhelmed or dissatisfied in bed. Is this because they just aren’t into it? Are there too many distractions? Are they not attracted to their partner anymore? Many times it is none of these. It is often because the guy is lazy. Many men think that once they are done that is that and if they haven’t been able to get their partner to climax they may as well just get theirs and roll over.

All too often men think that if their partner cannot achieve an [email protected] it is their partner’s fault and not theirs, when in reality it is because they really aren’t trying hard enough to help their partner along. Even if the woman tells them beforehand that it could be a tough task to help them get off the man will give the excuse that not all women have an [email protected] so if she can’t it isn’t a big deal. What they don’t seem to realize is that sometimes it is a very big deal.

Being with someone is all about equality and this includes equality in bed too. Why should he always get the satisfaction from s*x and you are left dissatisfied and frustrated? It seems that many men need to be educated on what a woman really wants in bed and how to be able to help her get there. Some men already have all of the “education” they need but they just are not willing to take the time to really help their partner out.

Ladies, if your man is being lazy and you are left feeling like you have wasted precious time while in bed, let him know. Tell him that he is being lazy and that you would like to get something out of it too!



    • You said it Al, we should be reciprocal lovers not dunderheads acting like virgins the rest of our lives
      get a good grip on your own happy places and show him.

  1. FOREPLAY. Oral sex for both partners. in fact dont suck him before he licks you. be expressive when he’s eating it right. make out and touch each other before sex. most importantly COMMUNICATE. I understand that some people are not comfortable with their sexuality. when it’s someone you care about, that ur dating or married to…..GET OVER IT! share with ur partner.

    • I read a book called Erosgalia about the beautiful
      sounds of verbal sex but the sounds are very basic and you can make them up as you go if you want your man to stay stimulated talk warmly and with passion,
      nonstop, I tell my husband that I pretend that he comes to my business just so I can ride him on my desk, I just make up stuff as we go, he loves the different scenarios. Do you get it?

  2. Obviously this article was written by an ever angry ass female. This article is nothing more than a women who is angry with her man (men) and wants to incite other women to join her angry cause. While I realize that orgasm problems do exist, how does a women determine that just just because a man ejaculated he enjoyed sex with her? Ejaculation does not always equal satisfaction. Sex is just as mental and emotional for brothers. What we have failed to be truthful in our conversation over this matter is that men have been conditioned to believe that the frequency in which we have sex is directly connected to his value as a man. Women have been conditioned to believe that a man who pursues her is really desiring her. She needs to feel desirable so even if she is not attracted to the man and if she rejects him she stills feels wanted.

    So author of this article get over it. Because we screw you does not mean we enjoyed it. Truth!!

    • I agree with Mario for the most part, because sexual
      confidence is beautiful on a woman, let him know that he is in bed with a live woman, not a dead one
      if he can’t read your mind, get busy with self stimulation or at the very least stimulating him. why do you think men buy magazines to see some one se
      stimulating themselves, when you don’t even want him to see yours, the most erotic thing men do is to stare your private parts down, preferably while you are playing with it yourself with both hands.
      see the rest of this tirade continued below.

  3. This website is so damn stupid red acting words that are in the dictionary. If you all want to be taken seriously please find a grown ass platform to host conversation.

  4. Or could it be there are more 60 second men walking around here than we know about???!!! Ladies, we need an “overtime man”, the kind that can pick up after 60 seconds or less began.!! 😉 =) 😀

  5. A multitude of factors influence sexual satisfaction. They range from lack of trust, to general fatigue, job stress, insecurities about one’s own body or sexuality, etc. I will say that couples need to communicate…and that starts outside of the bed room. Men are not psychic, so they need women to tell them what they want. You don’t have to give a written dissertation, but you can say something like, “It felt wonderful when you [fill in the blank]”. Don’t just lay there and put up with bad sex. He may not know what you want, and may be just doing what worked before. Place his hands where you want them and react passionately when he does what you like. If he cares, he will make a mental note, and will do it again. And when he does do it again, ladies, let go and reciprocate fully. Heck, initiate sex sometimes! That’ll really turn him on.

  6. If women learn to be pleasure givers instead of just takers they would know that nonstop encouragement and
    expressions of gooodie goodie goodie,warmly said goes such a long way, if you make someone else responsible for your joy,you are in trouble, Let a man see you give yourself joy and let him show you how he pleasures himself while finding ways to help him.women are in the drivers seat if they will just take control and learn their own bodies first, only you know where you’re comin from, get a good grip with both hands on your reality and stop blaming men.
    don’t give them all of your power keep some for yourself.

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