Talking Dirty and Other Habits; Are These Deal Breakers For You In Bed?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

We all have those little things that annoy us the most in life and some of those habits happen to occur in the bedroom. What are some of your biggest pet peeves? Here are some that other people have shared as their partner’s most irritating bedroom habits.

1. Talking dirty – Some women are okay with it. Others do not like it at all and actually find it to be a turn off. Before talking dirty a guy should figure out if the girl he is with is the kind to be okay with it before doing it.

2. Ears – Many women do NOT enjoy having someone licking their ears or blowing into them. It may seem s*xy to some, but most just are not into it.

3. Shut your mouth – Does your partner talk too much during? “Are you close yet?” I was until you started talking!

4. Learn how to throw out your trash – Guys, when you are done with your c0nd0m, don’t be lazy and just throw it wherever you can. Get up and put it in the trash. Most women do not like waking up with one stuck on their body or dripping down the nightstand.

5. Sloppy kissing – If there is so much drool that you can’t concentrate on anything else, you probably won’t get much farther than that.

6. N!pple play – N!pples are sensitive, so when a guy starts biting, flicking, or pinching them, it doesn’t turn women on so much as hurt them.

7. F0re–play? What’s that? – Many guys want to get right down to it, or have the woman do a little something for them but not return the favor. Not cool guys…not cool.

8. That is not going in my mouth – If a girl doesn’t want to, she doesn’t want to. Don’t push her head down there and expect that she will be okay with that!

9. Silence – While some guys talk too much, others don’t speak at all which can be a little strange.



  1. These would only be issues, if your being intimate with someone who’s quite inconsiderate & you obviously really don’t know

    • Al…lol

      Exactly… its called (In-Bed-With-A-Stranger)…
      I don’t care if you’ve known him for 4 yrs, if there is no kind of spirit-connection or compatability everything your partner does will irritate the shyt out of you. But not trashing condoms is a filthy azz man who don’t give a damn about you or your home (YUK)… get-up and get the f*k out /don’t come back. Heck if you learn how to start doing your research and don’t get yourself all caught up in the lust of your flesh you won’t run into drama like this in the first place.

  2. don’t just give the what not to do, if your going to wright about a topic like this, give some solution’s or suggestion’s, don’t just give one sided views give both sides, female’s and male’s, what you wrote seems to be your ranting about a woman that really didn’t want to have sex with someone in the first place, and it sounds like some one side bed play, go get a dildo and a tape recorder and get out and let real women handle a real man……yes i’m a real man who love’s real women, men listen to your woman’s body it will tell you everything you need to know, women open your minds and bodies and let go…….

    ps…yeah men flush that condom down the drain….dripping from the nightstand lol thats just nasty…

    sex is for everyone involved to enjoy not just for one person to be pleased, women stop being selfish, men stop rushing, slowdown and enjoy…

    • yadig69….

      LMAO!!! Brother thank you so much for bringing the truth on home LOL… These sistah’s must not like who their in bed with lol… cause redbone totally believes in talking dirty after-dark / aka: talking dirty to my man 24-7… that shyt turns me the f*k on…
      Sorry for all my STIFF-MINDED sisters out there, who want a boring azz sex-life. This sister wants it all when it comes to the bedrm, the kitchen table, the bathrm, the stairs, the garage, the car, where-ever my imagination and my fantasy takes me.
      I want the man…
      I want the thug…
      I want the gentleman too…

      and Redbone loves to play:
      *the hoe…
      *the housewife…
      and the mistress too…
      (all built-up into one)…
      One thing I can’t stand is a stanking tired-azz love-life… why waste time in a relationship & marriage if you can’t give it 100% and above.
      Some of us just like keeping that shyt in the damn closet and pretending a lie… and some of us have never experienced being made love to by a real black-man before.. and don’t wanna admit it to our sisters.. so lets just keep it real.. Faking shyt all the damn time and you wonder why you can’t keep the attention of your man…LMAO
      Don’t get the redbone started plezzzzz!!!

  3. I could never understand how talking dirty when being intimate makes the experience loving. I will not tolerate that mess one bit.

    • CAPRICE….
      LOL… I HEARD THAT and your just putting it mildly but I bet you don’t throw down like that cuz girls like to have fun too… there is no shame in it… I wouldn’t waste my time with a man who couldn’t satisfy me… COMMUNICATION IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT…WINK!!! LOL.

      Now the nasty condom is another story…. That’s filthy…

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