Are You a Confident Woman? If So You May Exhibit Some of These Traits


By: Krystle Crossman

Confident women are everywhere. They have this way about them. When they enter a room, people take notice. They are not arrogant, just confident in themselves and their abilities. Here are some things that these women are doing differently than some who may not be as confident about themselves according to confident woman and writer Sarah Stiegel:

1. They enjoy time alone. Some women are afraid to spend some quality time by themselves. They feel that it is going to be lonely. However being along can be one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It gives you a mental clarity and allows you to clear your mind from whatever is stressing you out through the day.

2. They ask positive questions that empower as opposed to negative questions that evoke negative thoughts. For example a confident woman will ask herself what she has going on in her life that is great and what is making her happy at this moment. A less confident woman will ask why certain things always happen to her and why she never has anything good happen.

3. They live their lives with a purpose. Every woman has something about themselves that they don’t like. Confident women choose to embrace the things that they do like about themselves and focus on that instead of obsessing about the negatives.

4. They all have a ritual of some sort that they perform. For some people it is singing in front of a mirror to boost their confidence before going on stage. For others it may be something like getting dressed up in your best outfit with full hair and make-up on and going out to do errands. Whatever ritual lifts your spirits through the day, practice it and continue it to build confidence.

5. They don’t let what other people think get to them. They do not take things personally because they know who they are and know themselves better than anyone else.



  1. Great article! We also not afraid to speak what’s on our minds, even if it’s against “the status quo”.

  2. tellthetruth on

    Awesome article as a 57 yr. old Black woman this is sooooooooooooooooooo me,as a child I was taught to have confidence in myself and I must say I have carried it over thru my adult life,my grand parents were an awesome example for me,my grand dad always told me to say what you mean and mean what you say,and he also taught me to have a firm handshake when meeting people and to this day when I meet people ,mostly non-blacks they are like wow you have a firm handshake,it always remind me of my grand dad words,we as Black women are strong and no one can take this way from us………… Blessings……

  3. A confident woman trust herself! I believe have to trust myself before I can trust anybody else. I have to trust myself to choose someone else. As a con-fident woman, I question people, places and things so that I can learn and share what I learn with others. A confident woman has some fears and moves through them, knowing that what is beyond is far more important than what the fear is. As a confident woman, I am open and receptive to love, to prosperity, to abundance from known and unknown sources. As a confident woman, I know that I exist because God is my breathe and I live and have my being in God. Now that’s a confident woman!!!

  4. I agree with this article, I have always had these traits. And, have passed them on ro my daughters.

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