Are You At Risk For Diabetes? Here Are The Symptoms


Sherri Shephard Was diagnosed with diabetes and lost over 40 pounds

Diabetes affects millions of people all over the world. It is a challenging disease to manage and can be diagnosed at any age. There are warning signs that show that you are leading up to prediabetes and diabetes and if you follow these signs and make the necessary changes you may be able to ward off diabetes before it rears its ugly head.

Prediabetes is when you begin to develop a glucose intolerance. Your blood sugar levels will be higher than normal but not quite high enough to qualify as diabetes. Around 79 million Americans currently have prediabetes. Once it ends up as full on diabetes there are many different risks that you will have to compete with. Losing weight can definitely help to hold the diabetes off and get you out of the prediabetes category. It takes hard work but it can be done. Some of the people at risk for diabetes are:

–         Over age of 45

–         Overweight

–         Diabetes runs in the family

–         Family background includes: African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander, Asian American or American Indian

–         Had gestational diabetes or a baby over 9 pounds

–         Physically active less than three times per week

Once you have identified whether you fall into one of those risk categories keep an eye on any symptoms that you may be experiencing. Symptoms of diabetes include:

–         Excessive thirst

–         Excessive bathroom use

–         Fatigue or weakness

–         Blurred vision or recurrent gum infections

–         Cuts and bruises take a long time to heal

These could all be signs that you are developing diabetes. If you notice any of these symptoms, see your doctor immediately as if left untreated diabetes can be fatal. Modifications in diet and exercise can help you lose weight and lower blood sugar to help reverse a diabetes diagnosis.


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