Are you Controlling? Here’s How To Stop


bossyBy Staff Blogger

Are you a controlling person? Do you like to have things your way at all times and if they aren’t do you have anxiety about it? Guess what? You may be chasing men, friends and family away!

Here are eight ways to help you relieve this anxiety and to help reduce your control issues.

1. Wise view – Recognize that it is not your job or even in your power to control what happens outside of your own mind. Understand that you can control your own mind and that is it.

2. Wise intention – Realize that fear is ruling your life. Don’t fear everything in life as it will lead you to be controlling about everything so that you don’t have to fear. Not everything in life is a threat and if you fear it all, you will never truly live.

3. Wise speech – Avoid insults, back-handed compliments, gossip and sarcasm.

4. Wise action – Don’t obsess over revenge or things in the past that you cannot change. Regret brings about control so that you feel you won’t make the same mistake again.

5. Wise Livelihood – Whatever you are doing with your life, not just what you do for a living, do it with purpose and be mindful of others. Don’t let it take your life over.

6. Wise effort – Wise effort means that you are letting go of your controlling instincts and instead focusing on new actions that you may not have taken before but will help you along in life.

7. Wise mindfulness – This is what grounds you to the present instead of letting you wander into the past and things that you cannot control. Stop and look at your patterns of control and negativity and make a conscious effort to change them.

8. Wise concentration – Concentrate on the situation at hand, don’t think about past experiences. This will help you to face the situation head on with a clear mind.


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