Are You Guilty of Believing These “Healthy Relationship” Myths?


By: Isabella Carson

Some people have an idea of what they think a healthy relationship is. There are a lot of myths however about the true meaning of a healthy relationship:

1. “I will never be like my parents” – Some people have had parents that are divorced or have bad marriages and so they are determined not to have a relationship like them. However they end up losing sight of themselves and their relationship because they are trying so hard not to be like their parents.

2. Conflict means your relationship isn’t healthy – Actually this is quite the opposite. A healthy relationship needs conflict. If the two partners can figure out how to solve problems together conflict doesn’t become a big issue.

3. There are standards for a healthy relationship – Some feel that there are certain standards that they must follow in order to have a healthy relationship. The problem with this is that every relationship is different so there really cannot be a set list of criteria for every relationship.

4. All you need is love – Well yes, love is a very important part of marriage but there is a lot more involved. Loving someone does not make a healthy relationship. You need sacrifice, hard work, and cooperation.

5. You both have to view everything in the same way – You do not need to see things the same way as your partner all the time. Having different views is a great way to talk about things in a marriage and to learn how to compromise.

6. Romance will last forever – Romance does eventually fade in most relationships that last long-term but this does not mean that the love isn’t there.

7. My partner needs to change – You should never try to change someone. You are with them because of who they are, not who you want them to be. If you try to change them you will end up being resented.

8. I won’t have to work hard if I am with “the one” – You are still going to have to work hard in a relationship no matter who you are with. Even if they are the right person for you it doesn’t mean that the relationship will automatically be perfect.


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