Are You Heading For a Crash? Here Are 10 Signs


overwhelmed womanBy Staff Blogger

You have landed a dream job. You put all your energy into making sure you do well at this job. Eventually your body decides enough is enough. You become sluggish, tired, and have lost all motivation to do anything work related. You have just become burnt out. You didn’t see the warning signs, but they were all there.

1. Exhaustion – When you are feeling tired all the time for no reason you are most likely headed for a burnout and should take a step back to assess your lifestyle and work habits.

2. Lack of motivation – You just don’t feel that you have a reason to be there, no reason to complete your job as required. This can also appear when you aren’t able to drag yourself out of bed in the morning.

3. Frustration, cynicism, and negative feelings – Everything is negative. You hate your job, your co-workers, the work you are doing. You don’t feel that anything is worth the time or effort you are putting into it.

4. Cognitive problems – You may begin to notice that you are having a hard time paying attention or getting organized. When the stress takes over it leaves your mind cloudy and you become more scattered than you normally would be.

5. Slipping job performance – Take a look at your performance from the last few years and compare it to where you are now. If you are noticing a significant slip, you may just be on your way to being burnt out.

6. Interpersonal problems at home or work – You take your frustrations out on everyone else.

7. You stop taking care of yourself – When hygiene slips or you begin to self-medicate with food, drugs, or alcohol, it’s time to take a look at yourself.

8. Being preoccupied with work when you are there – Stop thinking about work. It’s interfering with your day and leading you to more stress.

9. Decreased satisfaction – You don’t enjoy things in life as much as you used to.

10.  Health problems – All of the stress and lack of energy combined with not taking care of yourself can lead to potentially serious health problems such as high blood pressure and heart attacks.

If you notice you are experiencing these situations, take a vacation, or take actions to relax.


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