Are You Marriage Material? 3 Things Researchers Say Predict Marriage…Or Not


By: Krystle Crossman

You may think that you have this relationship down and that you are marriage material but are you really? The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health looked at three different traits in 9,000 people to determine whether they would walk down the aisle later in life or not. Those three traits are:

– How attractive their personality was
– Physical attractiveness
– Grooming habits

They rated the 9,000 people on these three traits from a scale of one to five. The ones that scored the highest were the most likely to walk down the aisle.

You can have all the looks in the world, but if you have a horrible personality to go along with it, it means nothing. Personality will go a long way in attracting the opposite s*x and will determine just how long you keep that person in your life. If you have a bubbly and infectious personality you are more likely to stay in a happy relationship that leads to marriage.

There of course has to be a physical attraction too. This doesn’t mean that you have to be stunningly beautiful for movie screen perfect. It means that you should be well-kept (here is where grooming habits come in) and you should have confidence in your appearance. People can’t physically see your personality so a first impression is very important and physical attractiveness plays a huge role in that first meeting.

If you feel that you are falling short in one of these areas, you can compensate with another. If you don’t feel that you are as physically attractive as others, have a fantastic personality so that people will look beyond just the physical and look at the whole package. These of course are not solid determining factors as to whether you get married or not, but they are a start!



  1. I guess it’s just me, but I don’t care for the notion of marriage. Never really have. I had my son at 24 and being his parent pretty much took over my life. I did not have time to entertain dating and developing relationships. I was too busy working and supporting my son in all of his endeavors. He is 16 now and I can not imagine even thinking about getting married or even being in a relationship. When my son goes off to college, I’m gonna get a couple of dogs and concentrate on my garden…..

    • @aleximaq…

      LMBO..!!! Haha that’s when the right relationship and marriage find you. Its only all about your own groove, the skin your comfortable in, the skin you find peace in, your personal life of creativity design purpose and order… they always come especially when your having fun in your own “ORA”, and they should only compliment your “ORA”….
      Live-on, what a great happy blessed place to be.
      I’m also there and having the time of my life… I am so happy, my cheers and blessing bust forward, for my creator is so good and so loving to me…
      I design! I design! I design!

      • Hmmmm…never looked at it like that….EVER! Thanks for the perspective…..but to be honest, my family is so filled with failed and convenient relationships that the thought scares me….

        • @Alexis….

          Im with you on the scary part, and all families have some negative dynamics, but I sense your difference & set apart more ready for something new and adventurous then you realize. You remind me of the content Adam in the garden before Eve came… not calling you male or female, just specifically speaking about your mind set… so don’t be surprised of new events coming your way, its due season time so just welcome it and enjoy…

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  4. Great article, but its deeper then social statistic and research, those things don’t even come close to the real deal. I’m going for ever-lasting endless love where the lovin fun and laughter never stops or gets out-dated and old with-in mans time frame, and it does exist in the natural realm….
    Its called how bad do you want it and are you willing to walk thru the fire to receive it by waiting on your creator to prep him & her for the seasoned time / the right time… Those never end in divorce…

    • kendra Hopkins on

      it take 2. marriage, unlike most think, is not 50-50…it’s 100-100. 50-50 means someone is getting cheated. you have to work and sometimes it’s hard. My husband and I have a motto “Divorce is not an option” and we are accountable to each other for what we do, what we say, and decision made. Does it always work? not always. he bends…i bend but we never break. a 3 strand cord is not easily broken. his mom was married 3 times and so was mine. and we both were married before so we knew what we did in the 1st ones we did not want to repeat in this one. so like a diet, marriage has to be a lifestyle change. people, places & things.

      • @Kendra Hopkins…
        Article on: Why So Many Black Women Are Single…

        It was a very very interesting orientation / seminar etc…
        Great for a woman who’s looking for a mediocre man who only lives and survives by the wisdom knowledge and understanding of his own flesh and that’s where it ends…

        I’m in a whole other place in my life that actually “OVER-RIDES” wanting to be in a relationship with a conventional man vs an unconditional man… I don’t want either, I’m waiting on the strong whole well-rounded spiritually balanced “GOD-MAN”… because that’s the “REAL-MEN” of today, a man that is truly after God’s own heart and mind, a man that has tapped into his own “PERSONAL CONNECTION” with his creator, a man that has walked through the
        fires chosen by his God / his creator, a man with spiritual tunnel- vision and who walks 100% in his spiritual gifts and talents, a man who truly knows and understands his true identity & spirituality on a higher level beyond his flesh / beyond his karnal reasoning…

        I am also “NOT” a conventional woman nor am I an unconventional. I am not an Alpha-female / neither am I interested in an Alpha-man. I desire nothing that walks after the flesh because the flesh out-grows its mate leading to a boring mundane lifestyle. I’m blessed with experiences there are way over many peoples head.


        I “DO NOT” desire anything less then what my creator desires for me / over the top….. Redbone / PS. How far does your “FAITH & BELIEF” in your creator take you on an individual personal level… humm…..

  5. Really, you’re blocking out the word sex in an article, really?

    That’s really what stood out to me about the article. It’s a clear indication of how our society still views sex as something negative, something to be hidden, something to be ashamed of.

  6. kendra Hopkins on

    marriage is great! it’s a 2nd job however and if you are not willing to put in the work…then it won’t work (both). And just a nugget of info…if you can’t, won’t, ain’t gone be able to do it; put another persons wants and needs before your own (both) then the single life is the way your boat should rock from here to eternity. if you are religious however, you may want to prepare yourself for marriage. A man who findeth a wife findeth a good thing. Just make that joker read the song of Solomon and you will be a Queen envied by all your single girlfriends and some married ones too. Good luck!!

    • @Kendra Hopkins…

      Wink!!! That’s totally where I am, but I’m not religious, and its working… and it will be grand because I’ve walked thru the fire to attain it. I will say this much, it does take a very strong women to walk the path I’ve had to walk to get to where I am now, and I’m looking forward to the promised prize, everything I asked for. Yes I also know about King Solomon / Song of Solomon, I love it because its more then a notion for me, its an experience that’s been well worth its weight in gold, and I wouldn’t give it up and look back for anything for I’ve come too far, I asked for “CORPORATE” and that’s what I expect from my creator…

      Thank You for the encouraging words… *God loved Abrahams faith because Abraham believed in asking for things that did not exist. My creator is not weak and is so mindful of me. I have been enjoying the single life throw my process, the closer I get to my prize it sometimes seems like I haven’t been single long enough lol… *I’m spoiled

    • Its easy for people to stay married and pretend or convince themselves that they are still happy with each other. I’m not stating this comment concerning your marriage, but this statment is very true of many, that’s why so many partners step outside their marriages and “TIP”… I’ve also been married before for 16yrs too long. I’ve seen and experienced a whole lot of stuff especially in our black communities and I was raised in the church from birth. I don’t even step into the 4 wall church anymore unless I am lead by God to go there for whatever reason.

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