Are You One of Those Bossy Women At Home?


By: Krystle Crossman

Women sometimes like to be in charge in the household so that everything is done in a timely manner and done correctly. However sometimes you may find that you are pushing the line between taking charge and being overly bossy. If you boss your partner around too much it can hurt the relationship. Here are some signs that you may be pushing the limit a little too much as stated by writer Julia Austin:

– He will never make a decision on his own without calling you first. He is too scared to choose something that may set you off.

– He is jumpy whenever you enter a room, like he is doing something wrong even if he isn’t. If you yell too much about things needing to be done around the house this could make him fearful every time he sees you.

– He is always in agreement with whatever you tell him. He is afraid to say no to you because he knows that it will start a fight.

– You check his work constantly to make sure that he is doing it right. This can show a lack of trust.

– You give him a lot of instruction on how to do a simple task even though you know he already knows how to do it. This will also show him a lack of trust and can foster resentment.

– He brings you completed work to show that he has finished it and that he has done a good job. If he needs affirmation after everything that he does, you are probably being too bossy.

– You interfere when he is talking to a handyman or a plumber. This is emasculating for him and shows that you do not trust him to make simple decisions around the household.

– He won’t have his friends over the house. He is too embarrassed by the fact that he will not say no to your requests and is afraid that they will see what life is like at home.

– Big purchases are something that partners should discuss together. When you are too bossy in the home you will make large purchases without even consulting him and he will be okay with it. He doesn’t want to argue and will let you buy what you want. On the other hand if he wants to make a big purchase he will consult you beforehand and if you say no he will not put up a fight.

All of these things could mean that you are too bossy around the home, or if you find that you are doing some of these things your partner may be too bossy. These examples show a lack of trust between parties.



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