Are You Smelly “Down There”? Here’s What You Should Do


By: Krystle Crossman

What happen when you clean as much as you can but you still notice that there is some kind of odor coming from “down there”? Dr. Rajiv Gala states that this could be a variety of different things ranging from poor hygiene to an infection. Unfortunately for women there are not a lot of clear studies out there that can tell us what a “normal” smell would be for this particular area of the body as every woman is different. Here are some of the reasons things may smell a little strange:

1. Poor hygiene – Some women do not properly clean themselves which helps more and more bacteria accumulate as time goes on. Mixed with natural perspiration this can cause a strange odor.

2. Bacterial infection – A yeast infection often has a discharge that does not smell but there are other infections such as bacterial vaginosis. This infection leads to a discharge that smells fishy. It can be cleared up with a course of antibiotics usually.

3. Trichomoniasis – This is a parasitic infection that is transmitted through s*x. It also has a discharge that produces a fishy odor.

4. Tight clothing – Wearing clothes that are binding or too tight will cause sweat and bacteria to become trapped and will cause a strong smell.

5. Overweight – Being overweight causes excess skin to create folds. Sweat can become trapped in these folds and cause a strange smell.

6. Period – When it is that time of the month the smell may change depending on the pH levels.

If you are worried about the smell that is coming from down there a trip to your OB/GYN may be in order. They will be able to give you a clearer picture as to why you have the odor in the first place and will be able to help you to get rid of it. Antibiotics will be used for bacterial infections. Proper hygiene is always the most important tool for prevention. Wearing cotton underwear is helpful as well because it is a breathable fabric and also handles moisture better. Dr. Gala also states that most of the over-the-counter medicines that are meant to mask or eliminate [email protected] odor do not have many benefits and are only a short-term solution.


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