Are Your “healthy” Snacks Actually Healthy?


snackBy Staff Blogger

Delicious snacks such as chips and cookies stare at you from the store shelves, but you opt for the rice cakes instead because they seem like a healthier option. Are they really healthier though? Here are some snacks that are touted as being healthy that may not be all that great for you.

1. Rice cakes – While these snacks have only 35 calories on average, per cake, they are high on the glycemic index, due to the fact that they are made out of puffed up rice. (High glycemic index means that the food raises your sugar levels up quickly, which is not good for you.) You are better off getting a snack that will fill you up with a lower glycemic index.

2. Kale chips – Kale in its raw form is excellent for you as it is full of vitamins and minerals. However when packaged as chips it may be full of additives. Kale chips have salts, oils, and can have as many calories as regular chips. Your best option is making them at home.

3. Sweet potato chips – Just like the kale chips, sweet potatoes themselves are great for you, however when they are in chip form they have additives that are unwanted.

4. Protein bars – Most protein bars are found in the health food aisle, but with all of the sugar and chocolate that is loaded onto them to make them taste good they may as well be sitting right next to the other candy bars. Unless you have no other option, don’t bother with these bars.

5. Granola – Granola is loaded with calories and fat. There options that are lower in calories for cereal and snacks.

6. Baked chips and crackers – Baked goods often contain cornstarch and added sugars so they aren’t better for you than regular chips. They are a very processed food.

7. Popchips – Although they have no trans fats and low calories, they also have low fiber so they don’t fill you up. Opt for something more filling.


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