Aretha Franklin Has Had Miraculous Recovery After Secret and Mysterious Illness


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

The Queen of Soul, Miss Aretha Franklin, has made a seemingly miraculous recovery from whatever has ailed her this year. She is excited and ready to get back out on tour. Franklin did not wish to reveal what her diagnosis was but has said that all of her tests including CAT scans have been great and the doctors are stunned and say that her progress through her treatment has been absolutely miraculous.

The only thing that she would say about her condition was that it is very common for women and it was just something that she had to deal with. She also said that it was partially related to some health issues that she had a few years ago that led to the cancellation of her tour. Her health has been a significant issue for her over the last few months and has caused a major disruption in her life. She had to cancel some shows which got fans worried. She also missed accepting the Beacon Award from the MLB which was for her work within the Civil Rights Movement. This award ceremony had been held in Chicago at a luncheon on August 17th.

While she has been under the weather Franklin said that she has been doing things to take care of herself. She has been eating right, resting, and taking better care of herself overall. She hopes that she will be able to perform at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in February but she isn’t going to rush into anything at the moment. She is planning to release another album as well, but there are no specifics on that just yet. She is going to keep a pace that is comfortable for her and will be putting her health above all else.



  1. That mean she either divorced what was ailing her or it’s just between her & her god,,, she doesn’t want to share it with anyone else suffering from it?

      • N i agree with u 100%.. She can keep it to her self if she want.Learn not to b so mean about other people personal life sickness can hit anyone at any time..

  2. Since I am “old school” and from the 60’s era I care and hope and pray that whatever it is, God will see her through it. Apparently it is personal and it is hers to tell if and when she gets damn good and ready! I am just saying…

  3. I love how some people think it’s their right to know other’s personal business. Care to tell us some of your own? Didn’t think so.

  4. It is her right to not tell but that only make fans wonder and speculate. I think she may have problems after gastric by pass surgery because she really had gotten huge.

  5. tauhidah el-amin on

    I care about her and if you don’t that is your business.Nobody wants to know personal business, just that the person has been blessed.

  6. The photo that accompanies the article is beautiful, but Aretha has not looked like that in thirty years. Hope she stays well.

  7. Ms Aretha, I wish you well and with God’s Blessing you will be fine, it’s your business and no one elses and I don’t blame you for keeping it between you, your doctor and your family. I wish we all would learn to keep our business to ourselves when necessary. Because soon as we share our busines then we get angry when people give there opinons or start making judegment. God Bless you Ms Aretha.

  8. Keep getting better and better. You are a great singer, and a very warm-hearted entertainer. God has surely blessed you with a great voice and also given you such an understanding of your gift. Your beautiful songs will continue to inspire generation after generation. Continue to be blessed, and stay healthy above all else. Your dedicated fans love and care about you.

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