Aretha Franklin Health Challenges: Cancelled Shows and Taking June Off


Aretha-FranklinEarlier this week, Aretha Franklin announced, through her spokesperson, that she would be cancelling her shows and would also be taking the month of June off. The decision for the queen of soul to take some time off was apparently brought on by challenges that she is facing with her health.

When the singing legend cancelled her appearance in Chicago, it drew some curious attention and after cancelling yet another appearance in Connecticut, she announced that she was cancelling in order to undergo medical treatment.

Because in the Chicago appearance, on May 20, the singer was one among other performers, Janelle Monae filled in for her. On May 26 however, the icon was scheduled to perform on her own so the show had to be cancelled entirely. At first the singer was expected to perform in Michigan and Canada in June but then later announced that those dates had been cancelled as well.

At the age of 71, the iconic singer has been keeping busy and even made an appearance on the season finale of American Idol. The appearance on American Idol was however made via satellite. The singer has previously expressed an interest in sitting on the judging panel of American Idol but it seems the producers of the show never took her up on it.

Franklin’s career spans  six decades. She has taken home 18 much deserved Grammy Awards and is one of the best-selling female artists of all time. The legend has sold over 75 million records worldwide and even though her health seems to be declining, lately,  she has been going strong since the mid 1960s.



  1. Aretha is hands down one of the greatest singer that has ever lived and I'm so glad that it was in my lifetime. But, I don't know about those closest to her and why they can't seem to tell her that for years she's been dangerously close to death with that weight – I have always wanted to ask her 'What tastes that damn good Aretha? & Have you seen Chaka? Aretha has been Obese for many years now and I remember I worked someplace where Barry White was a client I remember speaking to this great man and wondering why no one loved him enough to remove the kitchen – he died about 4 mts later – Aretha – U need help – I don't believe in too far gone – U need help now – We love U – the world loves u – what u are doing to yr-self is NOT loving yr-self!

  2. Theodore Du'Ane Oakley-Diggs on

    that's not a current picture of Lady Soul, currently she has lost quite bit of weight.. I mean alot..its rumored she has cancer what type I don't know…

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