Aretha Franklin Shares Amazing Journey to Weightloss


By Staff

If you saw Aretha Franklin in public you probably wouldn’t recognize her. The 73 year old went through a major change after a medical scare in 2012. She dropped 85 pounds and is feeling amazing. Her trim frame and slim face show a happy woman who has worked hard to get her body back to the weight that it once was. She states that she will never again to back to being as overweight as she was. She still has diabetes which was a result of her poor diet and lifestyle but it is much easier to manage now than it was before.

The turning point for the Queen of Soul came in 2010 when she underwent surgery. She had an undisclosed medical episode that scared her enough to really want to change her life around. She began to visit Whole Foods for her groceries so that she could get healthy foods to go with her new diet. She also began exercising much more than she had been before. She now gets in exercise at least four times a week. Franklin said that she has a walking routine that she does when she is in the stores such as Walmart. She will walk around the entire store once at least. Sometimes she will go around more than that to get more steps in if she hasn’t worked out much in the days prior to her shopping trip.

Even though it is not clear what illness the singer had that scared her so badly it is clear that she is working hard to maintain her weight loss and stay as she can now. Franklin has made sure that she stays away from the foods that she used to eat such as ham hocks and now opts for a considerably healthier diet. She also understands the importance of portion control. It has been hard work along with her busy schedule but Franklin is proud of what she has done thus far. She says that some fans will do a double take when they see her walking around the stores because they aren’t sure if it’s really her or not. Some will stop and ask her for her autograph.


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