At 65 Years Old Woman Becomes Oldest Woman in Israel to Give Birth


By: Krystle Crossman

A woman in Israel has set a record against her doctor’s advice. Haya Shahar and her husband have been trying for 46 years to conceive a child. Nothing was working and at the age of 65 Shahar was too old to legally go through IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatments in Israel. But she and her husband wanted a baby so badly that she travelled to another country, most likely Russia, to have the procedure done. Her doctor advised her that this was not a good idea but she went ahead with the IVF anyway. Although her doctor says that the baby who was recently born is a cute baby, it was still a very dangerous thing for the mother to do.

The Shahar’s used a donor egg for the process. They also used the sp*rm from someone other than the husband but it is not clear as to whether it was donated or purchased. After a normal pregnancy Shahar delivered her baby via C-Section. When she gave birth she broke the record in Israel for being the oldest women to have a child. She did not set the world record however. The world record is the age of 66 by two different women. One of the women was from Romania, the other from Spain. Both of those women went through IVF treatments as well.

Shahar’s doctor did not recommend that she become pregnant as it is much more dangerous when you are older. The older the mother is the higher the risk for severe birth defects or chromosomal issues. A woman who is older is much more likely to miscarry in the first trimester. The mother puts herself at risk by becoming pregnant later in life due to high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and the stress of labor. Doctors also worry about brittle bones later in life. Most doctors will recommend that once you are past a certain age you need to stop trying to conceive a child. With every year older that you become it is exponentially more dangerous. Shahar ignored the warnings and was lucky to have a healthy baby.



  1. David Odediran on

    Sarah was the oldest woman woman at 91 to give birth to a male child Isaac. You cannot dicount the Biblical story when writing about Israel. Without the BIBLE there would not be Israel.

  2. struckbylighting on

    Lets see a picture of this 65 y.o. mom!!!
    Hearing is only a part of understanding, seeing is believing …!!!

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