Attorney General Loretta Lynch Urges Everyone to Continue Reporting Hate Crimes


By: Krystle Crossman

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is calling on all citizens of the US to continue reporting hate crimes as they happen. The number of hate crimes has increased significantly over the last few years and we are seeing an uptick again after the election results. Lynch states that there is a very large surge of anti-Muslim hate crimes. They are up 67% from 2014. These are not the only hate crimes that are on an uptick either. Overall hate crimes have gone up 6.7% between 2014 and now. Lynch is requesting that anyone who sees a hate crime or what they think may be a hate crime report it immediately. She states that even if you don’t think it may qualify as a hate crime it should be reported anyway so that it can be investigated to determine whether it is a crime that should be punished on the federal level.

Lynch says that she knows that we have a long way to go before Americans are safe and before we can live in a violence-free America but that is why everything needs to be reported. The Department of Justice needs to be able to investigate these crimes so that they can learn how to prevent them in the future. She reassured everyone that the Department of Justice would be punishing those who commit a hate crime to the fullest extent of the law if they found that it violated people’s civil and federal rights. She is also calling on everyone to be accountable and ensure that we have a diverse and inclusive country.

Since election night of 2016 when Donald Trump was named President-elect hate crimes have gone up from both parties. People who are against Trump have been rioting. People who have taken Donald Trump’s words and used them for their own gain are committing hate crimes against people of other races. Social media has been flooded with photos of notes that are left on people’s cars telling them to get out of the country or to just kill themselves because they’re going to be deported soon. There has been an uptick in violence against LGBT people in the wake of Trump’s election as well. Lynch has urged we all need to do our part to ensure that our fellow Americans are safe. No matter what race, no matter what orientation, no matter what gender, we all need to be safe and we need to be accountable for each other. Report anything that you may think is a hate crime to the Department of Justice immediately so that we can take one more step towards becoming a less violent country.



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