Avoid Cancer, Asthma & Hormone Imbalances: Detox For Healthier Thyroid, Adrenal, Immune & Digestive Systems


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Some of us can eat whatever we want without gaining a pound or having any visible health problems. Some of us have to be more mindful of what we eat and sometimes even have to have specific diets. The best foods to eat, especially for energy, digestive health, and the health of your thyroid are whole foods such as veggies.

Start off with eating more whole foods such as raw veggies. Stay away from refined sugars and processed foods as much as you can. These are the toxins that give our bodies a hard time. Eat organic foods that are pesticide and hormone free. Check out the nutrition label on the back of the food. If there are ingredients that you cannot pronounce, or more of those ingredients than there are natural ingredients, don’t bother. If it’s processed, it takes longer for you to digest. Eat superfoods like nuts, veggies, and fruit to boost your energy.

Consider going green. Green veggies are low in acids. Start with a green juice every morning with some E3-live in it. When you have a more alkaline than acidic diet, you will have better digestive health. Drinking lemon water all day is great for your digestive health as it promotes movement of the digestive tract.

Not only should you switch your foods, but be careful of body care products as well such as lotions. The more perfumes and chemicals that you wear, the more they are soaked into the skin, which can throw your hormones out of whack.

Detox your home by getting rid of all of the chemicals that you have lying around. A lot of cleaning products are bad to breathe in. Vinegar, borax, and baking soda are all excellent cleaning agents, and you can even throw some essential oils, such as lavender, in to make them smell better. Some cleaning products that are not made with natural ingredients have been linked to cancer, asthma, and hormone imbalances.

Finally, you need to get a little sweaty. Work out, daily. Go for a power walk or do yoga, tai chi or  Zumba; whatever you like to get yourself up and moving. When you sweat, you release toxins. When you breathe, you release toxins.


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  1. Pattycake, RN on

    Also, be careful about food storage. Plastics may contain BPA which is harmful and damaging, especially if you microwave your food in them. You can use glass Pyrex which can go into the oven or freezer. Instead of wax paper, you can buy natural parchment paper which is healthier. Also buy less canned products because harmful chemicals from the can can be leached into your food. Stainless steel and copper cookware is better than aluminum or non-stick (which can come off during cooking and be digested possibly contributing to cancer.

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