Azealia Banks Threatens To Sue Wendy Williams Over Prostitution Rumors


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Cassandra Hannagan for Getty Images

Rapper Azealia Banks (pictured above)  is involved in yet one more feud with another one of her fellow black women in the entertainment industry.

A number of notable American music and television publications reported very recently that Banks has a lingering feud with television talk show magnate Wendy Williams. Banks has accused Williams of slander after the talk show personality reportedly proclaimed that Banks was engaging in prostitution.

On Christmas Day of this year, Banks made a post via one of her social media accounts to insinuate that she intends to file a civil lawsuit against Williams for defaming her on live television with accusations of being involved in prostitution. The post was deleted later but speculation over a lawsuit by Banks against Williams continued.

Die-hard fans of Williams love the “Hot Topics” segment of her show for its racy and outrageous reports that dish dirt on celebrities. During a recent segment of this salacious component of BET’s Wendy Williams Show, the 53-year-old tabloid television host said the following about Banks:

“Now we understand how she gets her money. She’s got no kids and she’s 26, with a vaginal rejuvenation? Wow. She works hard for her money.”  

Banks fired back at Williams on social media not long after the public jab. “The last five years taught me when you’re an Azealia Banks stan, you can make it thru anything. TOUGH AS STEEL…Wendy is getting sued top of 2018,” Banks wrote online via a social media page.

Neither Williams or any of her representatives have made a single public statement to the media over the lawsuit threat by Banks. In the same vein, a legal representative of Banks has not verified a serious intent to file a lawsuit either. In all reality, Banks has made more of a name for herself as a social media posturer than she has as a musician.






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