Baltimore City State’s Attorney Received Death Threats For Standing Up For Freddie Gray


By Victor Trammell

When the killing of Freddie Gray, 25, at the hands of the Baltimore Police Department occurred in April 2015, the Black Lives Matter Movement rose up in protest in Baltimore and in cities across the nation.

From jump street, Gray’s death at the hands of police officers looked like another routine case of a black man’s life being devoured by the criminal justice-industrial complex. It didn’t seem to matter that Gray’s spine was severed in multiple places as he was being arrested and escorted to a police transport vehicle.

In the eyes of the power structure and the mainstream media, Gray and other black men like him who have met a similar fate bring their deaths on themselves. This is the consistent narrative that pro-police and anti-black advocates disguised as national political pundits want the public to believe.

However, a brave black woman who was 35-years-old at the time of Gray’s murder saw fit to challenge that narrative head-on by valiantly doing the job she was elected to do. That woman’s name is Marilyn Mosby (pictured). She is the elected State’s Attorney for the independent U.S. city of Baltimore, Maryland.

As the head of the prosecution team of the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office, Mosby’s job is to bring all murderers to justice, whether they have a police badge or not. After Gray’s death, Mosby (without caving to pro-police-induced political pressure) swiftly indicted several officers on the Baltimore police force for their part in Gray’s murder. She had good cause. Witnesses at the scene (who were later neutralized by defense attorneys) gave their visual accounts of the truth.

Ultimately, Mosby’s noble actions did not legally get the result Gray’s family wanted after the corrupt officers who killed him were put on trial in the summer of 2016. All six of the officers who were indicted by Mosby’s office were acquitted (or escaped conviction via final hung juries) and cleared of all charges, including manslaughter and murder.

Over the course of handling the high-profile case, Mosby’s life was threatened and extreme hate crimes were committed against her. However, no one faced a single criminal charge for obstructing justice as she carefully administrated a felony case against law enforcement officers who were indicted for being derelicts of their sworn duty.

Mosby’s life continues to be publicly and privately molested in an uncomfortable way by the media, political sphere, and the law enforcement community in Baltimore. A black tie gala organized by the pro-police, anti-black Media Research Center was held last week to honor the three white male officers who escaped conviction in the Freddie Gray case.

The Balimore Sun newspaper and the New York Times have also cast their stones of spite at the throne of Marilyn Mosby. Reporters at these publications spread misguided and irresponsible information about Mosby’s personal life and incited a vilification campaign that was racist, sexist, unprofessional, and unnecessary.

The next step that Mosby is going to take to publicly uphold justice in the independent, predominantly black U.S. city  of Baltimore remains unclear. However, all of those who voted her into office should not be giving up on her. The sheer grit, bravery, and indelible intelligence she possesses is key to reforming Baltimore’s criminal justice system. Long live the queen.






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