Be Careful: What Spanx Do To Women’s Organs


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Many women want to have a thinner frame, or maybe more of that hourglass shape that we see in movies and on the runways all the time. Sometimes women will wear shape-wear under their clothes to help them achieve this look. What many don’t realize is that some of this shape-wear can be damaging to your internal organs.

When you wear shape-wear you experience discomfort. There is no way around it. This garment is squeezing your body and molding it into a different shape. It is hard to breathe, hard to move, and hard to be comfortable. When you wear clothing that is tight and restrictive like this you end up compressing your stomach, intestines, and esophagus. This can increase your chances of having acid reflux and also increases the risk of gastric ulcers and erosive esophagitis.

Your digestive tract not only becomes compromised when you wear these tight clothes, but your bowels are at risk too. Your intestines and colon depend on movement to digest the food that you eat and move it down through the body. If there is too much compression they do not have the ability to do that. Also there is so much stress on your bladder that you could experience incontinence. People tend not to go to the bathroom when they are wearing shape-wear because it is hard to put on and take back off again.

When you sit for long periods of time in shape-wear the tightness around your legs can cut off circulation and cause blood clots, tingling, or numbness. Your muscles in your core will suffer because you are relying on the garment to hold you up in perfect posture as opposed to using your muscles.

If there are times when you must use shape-wear, do so minimally. Always remember that exercise is the best way to get the thin shape you want. Find the proper fit for the garment as well so that it is not overbearingly tight.



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