Before You Do: Major Questions To Ask Before Marriage


Happy Newlyweds in Front of MansionBy Staff Blogger

Getting married is a wonderful event in many people’s lives. However, the big day is filled with stress and worry that something will not go right or something will be out of place or the food will be bad. So much emphasis is put on the day of the wedding that couples sometimes forget what is most important…their relationship. Here are some key questions couples should be asking each other before getting married.

1. Do you plan on having children? Establish your parenting hopes before you get married and realize one wants children and the other is opposed. Some people dream of being parents their whole lives while others have no intention of ever raising a child. It is best to learn this early on.

2. How will you manage finances? Decide on a system and whether you will each have separate bank accounts or one big joint account. What are your financial goa; what are your spending limits, and what do you consider “big ticket” items, that require discussion before purchase?

3. How will you spend free time? Will you always spend free time together? Probably not. You each need time apart as well as together. Decide how many days per week is appropriate to spend apart.

4. Do you have any expectations about s*x? How often do you expect to have s*x? Do you have boundaries? How will you keep it interesting?

5. How will you split the chores? Being in a relationship is about equality and compromise. While you can’t plan out your chores for the rest of your life, you can take the basic ones and split them among each other. This way one is not doing more than the other which can lead to frustration and fighting.

6. What can you do to make sure you can openly communicate? How will you go about having talks? Make sure you are expressing feelings and concerns and not bottling them up.

7. Do you have any pet peeves? We all have them, get them out in the air before the big day!


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