Before You Do: The One Thing More Brides Are Doing More of Before They Get Married


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You have most likely heard of couples therapy, but now there is a new kind of therapy that is making a splash. Wedding therapy. You can get a therapy session right before your big day to make sure that you stop problems in their tracks before they arise at your wedding.

Psychotherapist Annie Block Pearl says that while the couple may not have deal-breaking issues that they need to deal with, there are often times smaller problems that get overlooked in the race to plan the perfect wedding. She states that people seem to forget about the huge transition that they are about to make when they become husband and wife, even if they have been living together.

Pearl says that wedding therapy is like couples therapy, but it is not just for couples who fight a lot. She says it is more of a pre-marital counseling session to make sure that the couples have all of their ducks in a row before the big day. It is for clients who are getting married for the first time, and even for those who may be headed into a second or even third marriage.

The therapist will help them go over details of what they would like at the wedding and what their expectations are for life after the wedding. It is a way for the couples to negotiate some big decisions beforehand and also a way for them to ease into the transition of becoming one unit as opposed to two separate people. Sometimes people forget that when they get married, yes they are still a separate person, but the decisions need to be made together. That is what a marriage is all about.

Family planning and money seem to be the biggest hot topics in these sessions. By working them out early couples have a chance to really enjoy their wedding day and make their transition to a married couple a smooth one.


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  1. William H Leonard on

    Marriage is a hard job and it takes two people to come together as one. Their is no way that you can split a one. Money usually one of the major problems but after all the guest have gone home you still have to maintain that attraction that brought you to gather in the first place. We change and forget about those little things that we love before marriage.

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