Being “hot” More Likely To Get You That Dream Job Than Your IQ and College Degree?


By: Krystle Crossman

Hard work, brains, and a good education will get you far in life but new research shows that being pretty could get you even farther. A group of 8,000 women all over the age of 35 were studied as they traveled down their career paths. It was conducted by sociologists from the University of Essex. They found that those who were good looking had a much easier time in life, early on and later on. The reason that they came to the conclusion that beauty was making the difference was because those who were left behind were successful, extremely smart, and some were extremely wealthy.

This is not the first study to be done on career paths and attractiveness. There have been others that have shown those who are more attractive will be hired for a job more quickly than those without conventional beauty. They also found that those who look good made a little bit more than their less attractive coworkers.

Dr. Gundi Knies, who is a sociologist at the University of Essex, concluded that employers are more willing to hire attractive people because it makes them feel better and helps them to have more confidence in the office. Generally people who are attractive are pretty confident in life and to an employer that confidence can mean more drive to get the job done, more support, and a better attitude at work. These qualities can make up for a lack of IQ or job knowledge according to some employers.

Is it fair that those who are attractive get paid slightly more and often times get the job over someone who is probably far more qualified for it? Of course not. But unfortunately that is the way that our society works.



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