“Being Mary Jane” Actress Diagnosed With Breast Cancer


By Victor Trammell

Lisa Vidal (pictured) is the actress on BET’s “Being Mary Jane” who revealed a health scare earlier this week that stunned the world.

“My diagnosis was invasive ductal carcinoma,” Vidal said in a casual, monotone alto on the set of The Real day time talk show earlier this week. “And see here’s the thing. It’s crazy because my mammogram didn’t show a thing,” Vidal continued.

However, the 51-year-old Puerto Rican actress remained calm and steadfast as she shared her newfound battle with breast cancer to the world.

“The reason I really wanted to talk about this, not only to share the experience, but to also say that early diagnosis is so crucial and mammograms don’t always find it,” she told The Real.

Vidal is fortunate because early detection has been the silver lining, which can bring her closer to the normal life she is thriving in.

Vidal also said that having an ultrasound is what gave her a much better chance at survival.

“A mammogram is like a snow storm and you’re trying to find a snowflake,” Vidal told The Real. “You don’t see it until it’s much worse and so that’s why I really, kind of, want to advocate for women to get ultrasounds and early detection and so that was my diagnosis. The good this was that it was treatable,” she continued.

Breast cancer is normally found in the middle of screening examinations. This preventable plague can come without warning. Vidal has been very quiet about her story involving breast cancer. However, she has sought to make a difference by using her voice as an actress on a very popular TV show to make a difference.

She is very right in stressing that early diagnosis is key. Vidal is increasing her chances of survival by taking a proactive approach to treating her disease. For more information about how you can be an activist or donate to a cause dedicated to fighting breast cancer, click here:

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