Beliefs That You Need To Let Go Of To Be Happy


By: Krystle Crossman

We live our lives in the fast track. We have dreams and goals, and we make the rules so strict to reach them that we often become unhappy in life. Here are some beliefs that are making you unhappy.

1. Work always comes before any fun time: You should be putting play before work because the more relaxed you are, the more productive and focused you can be at work.

2. Salads will make you skinny and that will keep you happy: Wrong. Yes, salads are healthy for you to eat, but they are not what are going to make you skinny, and outer appearance is not what will bring you happiness.

3. Asking questions is going to make you look stupid: No, asking questions will make you seem like you are involved and interested in what is going on.

4. Before I can call myself knowledgeable I need to know everything there is to know: You don’t need to know every little detail. With so much information at our fingertips these days, as long as you have constant contact with the subject you would like to be knowledgeable in, you have succeeded.

5. I need to get men to like me if I am ever going to find someone to settle down with: You only need to get one man to like you to find that special someone, don’t try to please everyone.

6. If I ask for help from other people it makes me look weak: Actually many people like helping others and it makes them feel good that you are comfortable enough with them to ask for help. It also shows that you care about getting the job done right.

7. If everyone likes me I am doing something right: No way! If everyone likes you it means that you aren’t taking enough risks or being eccentric enough.

8. My body will look terrible if I don’t exercise every day: You need a combination of activity and rest, so take a few days off.

9. Hard work is the only way to success: Success is a combination of hard work, passion, and overcoming doubt or fear.

10. When I have a day where I am down or sad, I have something wrong with me: It is just your body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down



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