Beyoncé Accused of Neglect After Posting Pictures of Her Date Night


By Victor Trammell

Beyoncé received an influx of unwarranted backlash after she posted pictures of herself enjoying a glass of red wine while out on a date with her husband Jay Z.

This past Friday (August 4th), Beyoncé, 35, shared some Instagram photos of herself with her signature blonde hair weave and a striped blouse, which shows off a great deal of her cleavage. The reactions were mixed in the comment section of the photo in which the singer is drinking her wine.

Some of the people who commented on the photo were supportive and presented themselves as the typical, star-struck fan in awe of Beyoncé. However, others voiced their baseless speculation over the multi-Grammy Award winner’s parental instincts.

Beyoncé was seen as a neglectful mother by some commenters who felt like she should wait to start drinking alcohol until after she is no longer breastfeeding her newborn twins Sir and Rumi. This speculation could be based on the fact that Beyoncé did tell a media outlet after she had her first born daughter Blue Ivy that she did indeed breastfeed.

Some people assumed that Beyoncé was no longer breastfeeding her twin babies and shamed her for having them on formula so soon after their birth earlier this year. Beyoncé has not spoken out publicly about how she goes through with her day-to-day life after having Sir and Rumi.

That is definitely the reason why there is such a mountain of finger pointing and speculation about Beyoncé’s life. This is obviously coming from people who have a life so insignificant that knowing a celebrity’s personal business seems more important than curtailing their own real life problems.

However, word circulated some time last month that all of the speculation might be coming to an end. According to various media sources, Beyoncé has another documentary film coming out, which chronicles this new phase of her life as a wife and mother of two new children.









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