Beyonce Addresses the “Low Lifes” Who Keep Spreading Rumors About Her


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Beyonce is in the news again, but this time she is not happy about it. The star has had pregnancy rumors flying all over the place lately due to some photos from her concerts with a more round figure. E! News claimed they had multiple sources confirming that the R&B superstar was in fact pregnant with her and hip-hop legend Jay-Z’s second child.

The star responded to rumors with a note on Instagram which has since been taken down from her account. The note said: ‘I can’t stop the rumors from starting, and I can’t really change peoples minds who believe them, all I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me.’ It seems like the 31 year old star is not happy about the way people are invading her personal life yet again, and who can blame her? Unfortunately this is one of the biggest downfalls of being an international celebrity. Everyone wants to know everything about you.

When Beyonce attended the Met Ball in New York suspicions arose due to the high-waisted gown that she chose to wear. Apparently her rumored pregnancy was the talk of the town at the Met Ball. The rumors went into overdrive when she canceled her show in Belgium due to exhaustion and dehydration. The media took this to mean that she must be pregnant. It couldn’t be because of a crazy rehearsal and tour schedule right?

Beyonce has told ABC that she would like more children and it would be good for her first daughter, Blue Ivy, to have someone to play with, but did not say that she was pregnant.



  1. Everyone needs to leave this woman alone I don't think it's no one's business what she does stop hating on her get a life take up a hobby, Beyonce keep doing what God has blessed you to do and shake these haters off, I Will always be a fan God bless you and your family

  2. Emily Bushnell on

    I don’t think she should complain. This the kind of thing you must go through to be a celebrity. If she wants it to slow back then she should stop over selling her self to us. Personally, I am sick of the whole Bey and Jay thing. Take a chill we all know you’re there. Give someone else a chance to shine.

  3. Kelley J Spratley on

    Who give a shit if she's having a baby or not? She can have 10 damn kids? They Will ALL be taken care of! !!

  4. Luzinda Pierce on

    Well Beyonce if you can't stand the HEAT get you fat butt out the KITCHEN. You asked for this JOB and you going to have to answer to it. Are you going to have another baby IF NOT….SO WHAT. Keep it moving.

  5. Carol Parks on

    Toi Hunt, I agree with you 100% people need to get a life, and leave her alone. Just enjoy her amazing talent. She is one of my Fav's!

  6. Denise Walton on

    Be careful what you ask for because you will get it. This is the price of fame and wanting to be in the spotlight deal with it. You opened the door now that you don't like what has come through you don't like it. Can't have it both ways.

  7. When a woman is pregnant it is unwise to tell anyone until she's made it past the 1st trimester when she has a higher risk of miscarriage. The worst thing in the world is to have to explain to someone that the reason U R no longer pregnant is because U lost the baby. Also, if she did miscarry again they would say she had an abortion or make up some other crazy story. Life is not as easy for Beyonce as ppl imagine. Everyone has stuff to deal with. Beyonce just wants to keep her issues in the family, not on the news!

  8. Nicole Jackson on

    I don't know why people think nice people, christians, and celebrities are suppose to take crap from everyone and not say a word. On one hand, people say celebrities are not God. And on the other hand, people say they asked for all this attention. Beyonce is still a human being. And just like every other human being, I'm pretty sure she would like to asked and not have things assumed about her. We have all been there and hated being in that position. So stop acting like she shouldnt feel the same way. Pure jealousy!!!

  9. Nicole Jackson on

    She asked for a job not for everyone to have access to her soul. How would you like it if your employer told everyone at work what they thought was going on with you without talking to you first. You would be pissed just like everyone else. Instead of hating on the woman you should be more supportive of the sista.

  10. Sharnethia Hunter Lovinhim on

    So what if she's prego what's the big deal she can have 200 babies if she wants so damn what……

  11. Oh Really??? on

    Emily: I seriously doubt that she and her husband are “putting” these rumors out there. It’s the media. Since you are sick of it, don’t comment on it. I’m sure they would like to have private times themselves. If she is withchild, maybe SHE is the one who wants to announce it; not some stranger or some media pimp.
    That girl is going to shine no matter what. She has the beautiful gift of song. I’m not a big Beyonce fan, but I will not hate on someone who has GENUINE talent, of which she does.

  12. So the fake pregnancy was fine to talk about, but the real one is not? If she is concerned about another miscarriage, I would think that she would choose to sit her a** down and take it slow. I hope that she can carry and deliver a healthy baby. I am dreading the next 5 or 6 months of this pregnancy. She will be sure to blast her pregnant belly on every magazine that will have her. Of course she'll say it's because no one believed her the first time. smh I wonder if she'll fess up about the fake one one day? I doubt it.

  13. Wow ppl kill me tlkin abt her and all these other stars if it ain't beyonce and her hubby jay-j, then it's rihanna and chris Brown….like seriously ya'll reallyneed to get ur own life and leave these stars alone especially beyonce!! If she was pregnant and wanted ppl to knw then she will tell it herself period, point, blank!!!

  14. Ms. Longino on

    I wouldn’t have even responsed to this rumor keep there butts guessing she got more important things in life going on like her child..husband…career…smh at you haters!


  16. Kandee MusicLvr on

    I don't like the wording of this: "E! News claimed they had multiple sources confirming that the R&B superstar was in fact pregnant with her and hip-hop legend Jay-Z’s second child." Why not say with her HUSBAND, hip-hop legend, Jay-Z?"

  17. When you are a celebrity, these are The things that come with it. Im pretty sure she wanted to know about her favorite celebrities before she became Famous. Its a package deal and she took it and accepted it ; However rumors can be annoying so she has every right to feel how she feel. Also people have a right to voice their opinion, you dont have to agree so stop making an effort to defend a celebrity that can give a shit or two f!#& about you and wouldnt give u The time or day. just keep making them rich, shut The hell up, and let themselves freely cause yall look dumb arguing over a celebrity who dont even know u exist. But im still team Beyonce i just wont be arguing over her or her life.

  18. Ecllipse DeLoach on

    The 'low life' she is talking about is not the 'hating fans' it is the paparazzi. All of that mess. No 'regular' said anything, it is the likes of TMZ, & the likes. how about everyone make their own money, & let her make hers?

  19. I have several fans and if they want to spend time talking about me so be it. I believe people are only offended when what they are saying is true. I enjoy my life to the fullest and I am only saddened by broke people looking for a hand out, who refuse to make something of themselves and expect others to give them a handout. Especially my people.

  20. All women haters at lease she has a husband most of you all have kids with different men so don’t hate get a real life.

  21. helen sparks cole on

    @ Regina… Caterwauls??? Beyonce is a good singer!!!! And a great Entertainer!!! Evidently u don’t know much about singing!!! I don’t know why ppl hate this young woman??? What did she do, maybe I missed something, please let me know!!! Ijs!!

    • Diva comes to mind in the negative sense though. And honestly, she cannot sing and will never be listed among the greats. I can say this because I know a bit about it 🙂

  22. Somonia McCord-Lopez on

    How does it make a difference in anyone else life if she is or isn't pregnant? Some things are between a husband and his wife, and this is one of them. Don't worry, I don't think she will be applying for foodstamps anytime soon so your pockets will not be affected by her situation in any kind of way.

  23. People should spend more time building a relationship with God, and improving the quality of their own lives instead of being so obsessed with famous people.

  24. first off its not her job to keep ppl informed as to her private life,baby making schedules etc. and it is irritating to try and hype the situation up by false reporting of the same

  25. Monee Rykelle Lopez on

    Sadly, people will talk about you and spread rumors about you until the day you die. I'm not famous and I can speak for myself its someone who will spread rumors or talk about just because they are in fact lowlifes. Beyonce has a great voice and is very beautiful (no I'm not a fan) and I make at 19 I still have issues giving a crap about somebody's opinion.

  26. I am just laughing at the way people can hate on this beautifully talented bright young lady. It seems as though the old saying is absolutely true small minds talk negative about people. If you don’t like her stop freakin listening to her damn music and stop reading about and get a freaking life fast. Sheeeeeeeezzzzzzzz

  27. Who really cares about bey and jay? Those who have nothing to care for in their own lives. bey is a public figure, she wanted it, she cultivated it with suggestive s*xual acts (superbowl), and she loves it with her no singing butt…lol. Suck it up bey!

  28. If you don’t want people in your business, don’t ask them to buy your products . that being said, GET OUT the business. bloop!, bloop!

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