Beyoncé Attacked and Fat-Shamed As Her Pregnant Belly Grows


By Victor Trammell

Singer/performer Beyoncé (pictured) exploded all over the online, radio, print, and television news sources when it was made evident via social media that she was pregnant with twins.

The “Sorry” hit maker made the announcement herself in an Instagram posting on February 1st. Beyoncé and her hip hop mogul husband Jay Z will be welcoming two new members to their family when Beyoncé finally gives birth.

However, after some recent pictures surfaced on Twitter of the 20-time Grammy Award winner, a slew of rude and disrespectful comments came pouring in about Beyoncé’s physical appearance now that she is pregnant with twins.

“Damn bruh Beyoncé’s getting f**king fat!” wrote a Twitter user named Jay on April 20th. Another Twitter user trolled the megastar by expressing doubt about her first pregnancy.

“Beyoncé fat as hell now lmao. This really does make me believe something was up with her 1st ‘pregnancy,'” tweeted The Anti-Bae.

A Twitter user who goes by Chi Like Da Flatiron took his foolishness to the max by posting before and after pictures of Beyoncé with the before picture showing an image of the singer in her slimmer Destiny’s Child days.

“When you wanted her in high school vs when she wants you after college,” read the caption below Chi Like Da Flatiron’s picture.

Though Beyoncé is never the one to stoop to responding to impudent people on social media, members of her so-called “Beyhive” did her dirty work.

“So people are calling Beyoncé fat.. uhh, she is PREGNANT WITH TWINS. I’m pretty sure yall’s moms put on some weight while pregnant with you,” tweeted a fan who goes by AV.

“Y’all really calling Beyoncé fat and obese and overweight- B**CH SHE HAS TWO HUMAN BEINGS INSIDE OF HER. F**KING LEAVE HER ALONE,” tweeted Alyss_af_.

It is also worth noting that scientific studies have shown that internet trolls are usually sadistic, sociopathic people who really have their own inner feelings of insignificance.

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