Beyonce Celebrates Valentines By Introducing her New Underwear Line


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Beyoncé is dropping a new underwear line just in time for Valentine’s Day. She says that the line is inspired by one of the singles called “Mine” from her newly released album. The colors are black and pink and come in a matching set. One is labeled “Mine” and the other pair is labeled “Yours”. They come in a variety of types such as boxers and boyshorts. The underwear are customizable by the customer by selecting whether they want the pairs to say “Mine” or “Yours” and they can also select the type and the size. The pair runs for $40 on Beyoncé’s website.

Beyoncé has found her way back into the news quite a bit lately so this seems like the perfect time for her to market something new. Just recentlt she dropped a surprise album that no one knew she had created. She didn’t market or advertise it in anyway. The album dropped at midnight and included fourteen tracks and seventeen music videos. Target refused to sell the digital album because they stated that they like to give their customers actual CDs and did not feel that the digital-only album fit their business model. Too bad for them as over 600,000 copies were sold in just three days.

She also hit the headlines with her controversial Grammy performance with husband Jay-Z. It was a s*xed up performance that some found vulgar and unnecessary. Others found it to be a great performance with a great connection between husband and wife. Many criticized the performance because Beyoncé has claimed that she is a feminist but fans found nothing empowering about the performance where she shook her thing all over the stage while her husband groped her.


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  1. I like Beyonce. She’s smart about making money, but not intellectually bright. For what it’s worth, her brand of entertainment is what this world is craving and she and J are capitalists.

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