Beyonce Comes Clean: “Bow Down B!tches” Was Her Message to the Haters


bow downBy Staff Blogger

Many things can and have been said about Beyonce Knowles and the buzz has heightened since she released her surprise album, which then broke records with its sales in the first three days. One thing that we can not accuse her of is getting into public feuds with people who say things to her or about her. Mrs. Carter generally seems to be gracious when in public and during her interviews and she has generally seemed to be good at letting mean spirited criticisms roll off her back.

It seem though that even the most gracious amongst us has a limit to what they will tolerate, as far as the haters go. Even though the singing sensation often seems indifferent towards all her “haters” it seems that she too has days when the “hating” gets a little under her skin.

Below the songstress admits that when she first worked on the song “bow down b!tches” it really was all about the “haters” :

“The reason I put down out ‘Bow Down’ is I woke up, I went to the studio, I had a chant in my head, it was aggressive, it was angry, it wasn’t the Beyoncé that wakes up every morning. It was the Beyoncé that was angry. It was the Beyoncé that felt the need to defend herself. And if the song never comes out…ok! I said it! And listened to it after I finished, and I said ‘This is hot! I’ma put it out. I’m not going to sell it. I’m just going to put it out. If people like it, great. If they don’t, they don’t. I won’t do it everyday because that’s not who I am. But I feel strong. And anyone that says, ‘Oh, that is disrespectful,’ just imagine the person that hates you. Imagine a person that doesn’t believe in you. And look in the mirror and say ‘Bow down b!tches’ and I guarantee you’ll feel gangsta!…So listen to the song in that point of view again if you didn’t like it before ”

What do you think? Should “haters” just be ignored or did they need to be told to “bow down”?



  1. I haven’t heard of it because I don’t listen to her music at all… I don’t even perfer her as entertainment… to each is on… Her husband being an x-drug dealer is what has turned my head from even giving her the time of day… and I said X-drug dealer, for all I know his azz might be selling something else illegal, shyt he did sell his soul didn’t he!!! So I could careless… I don’t hate her she just doesn’t represent the world I’d rather live in becomings of a good black-woman… Hoards of money don’t bring respect and it sure won’t buy you the name called: Good Strong Black-woman positive for all our black babies… get a life Bee Bee… becuz I’m not convinced!!! Yo man is you head and Jay-Bird represents you, you don’t represent him becuz he’s your covering and he’s the type of jigg (YOU CHOSE)… that’s my piece on you, so call it hater-aide if you will, beatz the he** out of me…wink!

  2. Congratulations on the new CD release, very happy for you. About the haters jealousy and enviousness, MAADD because they can’t be you!

  3. I’m specifically old-school R&B, Jazz, Acoustics Soul, Easy-listening, and some Hip-Hop… that’s where it ends… I can find it all on Pandora Radio and the best thing about it is all the music is very respectable and it never turned my generation out on gang-warfare or drugs… and my neighborhood didn’t go down the d**n drain, my girls ain’t walkin around half or whole F*kn-naked.. and my boys are not walking around shaking their azzes like a stripper bytch on a d**n pole, or paying out their hard earn money to floating stanking azzes n Pu**Y falling everywhere and gold-diggin heffas… My girls haven’t become baby-makin-machines bringing home bey-bey rug-rats with names like (SHARK-KIESHA) home for me to raise… and I have a brother who is raising a little girl daughter without her mother who asked me to help him because he doesn’t like it when his little girl try to dress and dance like Beyounce…

    That’s not hater-aide… / That’s just plain ole wholesome well-rounded respectable great family values..
    When you sew negative SEEDS to the FLESH that’s what you will reap to your spirit and your precious seeds…
    Now look at your black youth and tell me yo blind-azz can’t see our destruction, our youth being killed off on a daily basis and nobody’s doing 1 d**n thing about the clean-up decisions except continuing to blame the white-man instead of excepting responsibilities for our own actions…

  4. Sick-a-rap that song was made specifically for people like you. I also like the same music as you but being from the Bronx I grew up around hip hop and know its roots. So with you saying that you don’t like Beyoncé because of the person she married has no bearing on her. Never assume that you know a person because of what you “read or heard” about them

    • Tone…

      I hear you loud and clear, but my post does not say I hate her, becuz I don’t… I said I don’t prefer her or anything about her… meaning she’s a *(non-mutha-f*kn-factor)… The word says when you marry and concimate (join together) you become (ONE SPIRIT).. that’s not religion, that’s a law of the spirit of God.. I don’t compromise and I’m standing my ground to the fullest, and I do not get intimidated by what people say and think about what I post. God’s got the last word, now yall just watch him flow in the year of 2014…

      ***The destruction of black entertainment is coming to an end finally and I’m already on the field cheering. God’s going to clean all that filthy BS up.. and raise the good stuff back up again…

    • Thank You Shelz… *(I speak for the majority)

      You would be surprise to know the multitudes of African Americans who are just plain ole tired and livid with our Black Music Entertainment Industry.. its just endless.. and it has help destroy the black family period…
      I’m being blessed right now just to sit and fellowship amongst some of the greatest black entertainers from back in the day (Oldschool R&B, Blues etc)… Its going down on the westcoast in the city of Las Vegas and I’m partying my azz off… and I’m not being over-charged just to enjoy my people who God has given the real gifts to sing and entertain.. and nobody’s singing songs about black-women being bytches freaks and hoes, drugs and violence.. * and guess what!! (they are not all dried up either), God has restored them all and their seed is coming forth… I’m so happy!!! Its real celebration time 2014.. anything less then that is on its way out the doors!!!! Now watch God perform…wink!! LMAO

  5. I would just like to say there is a point where anyone can have a level of overflow when it comes to others who continually badger you for whatever reason. It does not matter if you are in the public’s eye or you are a everyday man or woman. Life is not always full of roses. Those who criticize others must turn that mirror on themselves and ask themselves why’ they are consuming their time on someone else. I have found that putting so much time in talking about and putting someone else down leaves a very big void in your life and a lot of self-esteem issues with oneself.

    • Tonya D.

      Say whatever works for you and makes (YOU) feel good.. But isn’t it funny how people, especially many African Americans who can’t take chastisement and direction always come against the messenger because their just blind and can’t see..
      I will continue to state facts and just keep on moving, God will do the rest: for he sends one to plant and one to water / LAWS…

      PS: What the h*ll does self esteme have to do with the truth…LMAO!!! hahahaha… I can’t even spell it right..too funny!!!!

  6. Ignored. If your feelings are hurt by someone you don’t even know, then that’s problematic in an of itself. By giving them attention she has validated their opinion of her, and given them power, and they don’t deserve that power!.!.! She in essence has “bowed down to them”. !.!.!

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