Beyoncé & Jay Z Pay Almost $1.7 Million To Build Maternal Ward In Their Mansion


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Getty Images

Once again, the First Family of the music industry is making headlines for preparing for the birth of twins in a way only those in the royal class of the entertainment business can.

According to, Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z have reportedly paid $1.69 million dollars to have a special maternity ward built in a mansion that the power couple rents in Hollywood Hills. The First Lady of the music industry and her hip hop mogul husband obviously want the best neonatal care money can buy.

As it has been previously reported, Beyoncé is expected to give birth to twin babies any day now. Therefore, proper arrangements have been made by her and her husband to make sure that the right safeguards are in place for the very critical moments that arise after a woman gives birth to children.

“Over the last couple of weeks, van loads of high-tech medical equipment, including incubators, have been arriving for the ultimate celebrity home births,” wrote Danielle Pinkus, a writer for the Homes column of “According to [an unnamed]source, there will also be an ambulance on standby to take Bey and the twins to Cedars-Sinai [Hospital],” she also wrote.

Beyoncé and Jay Z reportedly pay $160,000 per month for the Hollywood Hills mansion they are renting, which is where the twins are scheduled to be born. The mansion is worth over $33 million dollars and used to be owned by pop music megastar Madonna.

Beyoncé and Jay Z have also taken the emotional state of their first born child Blue Ivy into account when the twins are finally born. According to recently published reports by other media outlets, Blue Ivy will be present in the delivery room to be a part of that precious moment when her new siblings officially arrive in the world.









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