Beyonce Uses Tumblr To Pay Tribute To Her Tour Photographer as She Battles Cancer


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Beyonce has had some pretty unflattering photos surface from her concerts. Due to this she has put a ban on photographers at her shows. She hired her own photographer to do the shots from now on to capture her most flattering moments. The photographer’s name is Yosra El-Essawy. Unfortunately the photographer’s journey with the R&B sensation has been cut short. At just 32 years old she has been diagnosed with stage 4 oeseophageal cancer which is inoperable.

Beyonce posted a tribute to her photographer on her Tumblr page. It depicts the artist and her journey all the way from being a wedding photographer to a celebrity photographer. It then depicts her journey with being diagnosed with cancer just eight weeks after she began as Beyonce’s photographer.

There is a small bit of hope with El-Essawy and her health. While there is no cure for cancer, she has gone through three treatments of chemotherapy and her doctor has told her that the cancer has been reduced by 30%. They seemed confused about this as this does not usually happen with stage four cancer. El-Essawy said that they hugged her and gave her high-fives.

She says that they will put down that her chemo treatments and her daily dose of drugs is what has been helping her but she knows that along with that it is her self-acceptance that things will be okay. She says that she has always had plenty of love in her life and in her heart, but it has been overwhelming since her diagnosis. She feels that this has been an integral part of her healing process as well.

We wish this young lady all the luck in the world for a safe and speedy recovery!



  1. Donna J. Baker on

    Stay strong young lady, God has your back and I will be praying for you to. God Bless and continue to always put God first. “Blessings”

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