Beyoncé’s Daughter Blue Ivy Will Witness The Birth Of Her Twin Siblings


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Getty Images/Theo Wargo

When sons or daughters who come from average families expect new siblings due to their mothers being pregnant, it gets looked upon as an everyday occurrence.

However, when you are Blue Ivy Carter (pictured left) and your mother is a woman with the biggest name in popular music, as well as your father being number two on the Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List, a new addition to your First Family in the world of music is a pretty big deal.

News of singer Beyoncé’s (pictured right) pregnancy with twins made big headlines earlier this year. According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper, her daughter Blue Ivy will have a front row seat in the room when her new siblings are finally born.

The Daily Mail reported on Sunday (June 4th) that a source close to the music world’s First Family told another British newspaper that Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z are concerned about their daughter’s emotional state now that the couple will have two new members added to their family.

“[Jay Z and Beyoncé] are worried that their daughter might feel left out when the twins arrive, so they’re trying to make sure she feels involved every step of the way,” the unnamed source reportedly told The Daily Star.

When your mother and father have a combined net worth of over a billion dollars, you get to sit in style as you are watching your new siblings be born in the delivery room.

“And [The Daily Star] also reports the couple have even splashed out on a child’s nurse’s uniform for Blue Ivy designed by French label Givenchy, which is believed to be worth $1015,” wrote a reporter for the Daily Mail Online.

Blue Ivy’s new twin siblings are due any day now. Congratulations to music world’s First Family as they welcome two new babies into their glorious dynasty.







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