Beyonce’s Hair Stylist Reveals The Stars Secrets


By: Krystle Crossman

Kim Kimble is a celebrity stylist. She does the hair of celebs like Beyonce, Mary J Blige, and Rihanna. She sat down to an interview with Essence and gave a few tips on how to figure out what to do with your hair when you run out of ideas.

– Talk with your stylist. They know what hairstyles look good on what faces, skin tones, and personalities. They know the products that are the best for your hair and will be able to give you instructions on how to use the products so that your hair gets the full benefits from what you are putting into it. Find a stylist who your friends or co-workers know so that you know you are getting someone good.

– Do some research online. There are tons of websites online with different hairstyles, celebrity magazines that show the best red carpet looks, and there are even some generators out there that will allow you to take a photo of yourself and put different hairstyles on your photo so you can see what you would look like with that style.

– If you see something you like, speak up. If you are walking down the street and you see a woman with a hairstyle that you like, stop her and ask her where she got it done. She will take it as a compliment because you like her hair so much!

– Find the best products to help you maintain your hair’s health and style. There are a lot of brands out there that focus on specific hair types such as colored, dry, oily, or frizzy. The products will have instructions on how to use them to maximize the benefits.



  1. I am waiting for her tell me something I did not already know. She could save that B/S, for the next war, with Russia,for get Syria ,Beyonce,and the whole lot of them

  2. Very misleading headline. Nothing said that we don’t already know. How about mentioning how you can wear weaves without destroying your natural hair?

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