Biggest Loser Audience Shocked at “skeletal” Winner


By: Krystle Crossman

The Biggest Loser is an inspirational show where people who have trouble losing weight that they desperately need to take off get the help that they need to learn how to live a better lifestyle. They are sent to a ranch and get a personal trainer and a team of people just like them who are trying to improve their health. Every year a winner is crowned and everyone is amazed at the transformations. This year however, the look on the former contestants, the audience, and the trainer’s faces were not looks of amazement but of shock and horror.

Rachel Frederickson came to the Biggest Loser ranch weighing 260 pounds with a 5’4’’ frame. She stepped on the scale for the final weigh in and we found out that she had lost 155 pounds and was down to 105. She lost 60% of her body weight and ended up being the winner. It was hard to focus on her accomplishment however when you saw the faces of the trainers and the former contestants. Rachel looks like a skeleton. She is very thin and frail looking. Her current BMI actually puts her below what is considered healthy with doctors and even Weight Watchers standards. She was all smiles though and said that the hard work was worth it and she felt fantastic.

Social media exploded after the big reveal with people sickened at how thin she looked. Some called her anorexic. Some said that she should have the prize taken from her and send her to a rehab clinic for an eating disorder. Many felt that the runner up who lost an impressive 222 pounds should have been given the title instead. Others were not mad at Rachel but at the show for putting such high expectations on the contestants and pushing them to a point of no return with their eating habits. Some think that she lost all of this weight on purpose just to win the $250,000 grand prize and will gain back some of the weight to be a healthy weight after.



  1. The “Skeletal contestant” is a bit over the top, she looks like any typical petite women for her frame, deep down inside I believe the American people cheer for the “fat” to stay fat or lose their battle in order to feel superior & better about themselves. I have a friend you recently lost a lot of weight & said the “compliments” started to feel like insults & always getting offers to go out & eat @ “fast food” establishments from friends

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