“Biggest Loser” Contestant Says Show Is Fake, Almost Ruined Her Life


By: Krystle Crossman

The Biggest Loser has been on the air for 13 years. Millions of viewers watch in amazement as the contestants on the show drop massive amounts of weight over a period of a few months. By the end of the show some of the contestants have dropped well over 100, and sometimes even 200 pounds in the span of roughly a year. But at what cost does this weight loss come? Season 3 contestant Kai Hibbard revealed some of the secrets of the Biggest Loser that they don’t want to tell you and shows just how dangerous the show really is behind the scenes.

– The big scale that they use is fake. When you see their weight come up on the screen it is a pre-recorded weight. They are not standing on an actual scale. The weight is also recorded over different periods of time. Sometimes they will go a week or more without being weighed, but on the show it appears that it is just a period of 7 days. Sometimes they will have a weigh-in after just a few days so they can make it look like some of the contestants are slacking with a little creative editing. They also did not show the endless hours of exercise that the contestants were put through. It seems like a half hour to an hour workout when it reality it was six hours per day.

– The editing process can make you look like an absolute tool even if you are the sweetest and kindest person on the show. Hibbard stated that there was a contestant on the season who was a wonderful person. She worked hard and was doing a great job at dropping weight but sustained a leg injury which prevented her from doing certain exercises that the trainers wanted her to do. Instead of showing that she was injured, they used editing to make it look like she was refusing the help from the trainers and disobeying the workout plan.

– Relationships are kept under wraps until the contestants are down to an “acceptable” weight. Hibbard stated that there were romantic relationships that evolved on the show but you never saw it because unlike people on other reality shows, such as Big Brother, the contestants were large. Their reasoning for refusing to show the couples on television was, “Who wants to see two obese people making out?”

– Viewers who watch the show are inspired to start their own weight loss program at home. Hibbard said that she had a young girl come up to her at a conference in Colorado and told her story about her weight loss journey inspired by the show. She didn’t lose weight like the contestants did and she began to become depressed and frustrated. She then turned to bulemia and anorexia. Finally she attempted to kill herself when she felt that she was still too fat. Hibbard said that she felt personally responsible for that young woman because she had lost so much weight on the show and it seemed to millions that she was happy through the process.

– Goodbye health. While the show is made to help people lose large amounts of weight and gain their health back, the toll that the exercise and rough diet on the body is extreme. Hibbard states that her knees never had problems before and now at 35 years old, they are shot. Her immune system shut down at one point because she was losing too much, too quickly. Her hair fell out. Her doctor’s told her that they didn’t approve of the methods that the show used and it was a “physician’s worst nightmare”.

Source: http://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-1338-5-details-they-cut-from-my-season-the-biggest-loser.html


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