Bishop Jakes and Dr. Phil: What To Do So Your Marriage Can Survive Tough Times


By: Krystle Crossman

Marriage is tough. It is worth the work, but it is still a lot of work to ensure that both parties are happy. Dr. Phil and Bishop Jakes have some advice on how to make a marriage last and go the distance.

– If you have a problem in the marriage, talk about it. Don’t be passive aggressive, don’t start a huge argument, don’t give your partner the cold shoulder. The best way to work out a problem is to sit and have a calm and rational discussion about it. This may be tough to do but in the end you will be able to find a solution that suits both of you and there will have been no anger involved.

– There is always going to be something that stresses you out in a relationship. Know what those triggers are and talk to your spouse about ways that you can reduce the amount of stress that these triggers cause or a way to eliminate them completely.

– If you have a fear about something in the relationship, tell your spouse about it. If you fear that your job may not be enough to provide for the family or if you fear that you are not doing enough to keep your partner interested, let them know. Not only will they help to rid you of these fears but they will be a great support system as well so that you can rid yourself of any negative feelings.

– Be honest. This one goes without saying. There should always be complete honesty in a marriage.

– If you need help do not be afraid to ask for it. Even if you think your spouse will turn you down, which they most likely won’t, ask for the help that you need.

– Make sure that you have clear goals and values in mind for the relationship and the future. Write them down and leave them where you can both see them constantly to remind you of these goals.

– Have a plan. Dreams are just dreams unless you go out and make them a reality. Do you dream about owning a home one day? Make a plan on how to save money for the down payment or how to get your credit score up enough to get a mortgage with a lower payment.


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  1. charles mcghee on

    If they are not living with you and your spouse 365 days out of the year they don’t know what the hell you can do in your marriage: These are just their opinions based on their particular life and what they have read!!Just talk to the being you worship

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