Black Girls Rock! Founder to Write Book Celebrating Black Women’s Traditions Around The World


By Victor Trammell

BET’s annual award show Black Girls Rock! is a classy, popular, and necessary celebration of the growing progress of black women everywhere.

This year’s show aired this past spring on April 5th and was hosted by actress Traci Ellis-Ross. Beverly Bond (pictured) is the creator and executive producer of BET’s Black Girls Rock! and she also has an impeccable background in music, modeling, and social entrepreneurship.

You name it, Beverly Bond has done it. Not only is she an astute businesswoman who has conquered multiple facets of the entertainment industry, she is a pillar of her community. A known philanthropist, Bond founded a mentoring and empowerment organization for young women and girls in 2006, which is also called Black Girls Rock!

The success of the organization is where Bond’s concept for the hit BET show came from. However, Bond is continuing to build her brand by branching out into the world of book publishing and becoming an author. According to Good Black News, Bond has inked a deal to release a book through 37 INK EW, an imprint of the Atria Publishing Group.

The book’s title is Black Girls Rock!: Celebrating the Power, Beauty, and Brilliance of Black Women. Bond’s upcoming book will be an interesting blend of poetry, photography, and motivational commentary. This literary offering will champion the traditions and dynamic contributions of black women across the world, including inside the African Diaspora.

“This book will affirm, elevate, and celebrate the unique narratives and rich experiences of Black women and girls around the world for generations to come,” Bond said in an official statement. 37 INK EW is also actively behind Bond’s upcoming book release and is expressing its enthusiasm over the publication.

“Beverly is a real visionary who has created not just an award show, not just a brand but an inspirational and aspirational mantra that holistically celebrates Black Girl Magic,” said Dawn Davis, a 37 INK EW publisher. “From millennials to baby boomers and beyond, her book is going to help our communities affirm and heal. I think of it as an I Dream a World for our time,” Davis continued in her official statement.

Black Girls Rock!: Celebrating the Power, Beauty, and Brilliance of Black Women is scheduled to be released in fall of 2017.





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