Black Men Being Forced Out of Society Creates Crisis in Black Community



By Victor Trammell

The people behind the scenes engineering the psyche being prescribed by American society at large wants you to believe that the institutionalized destruction of black America is a myth.

These people want you to think that the era of President Barack Obama has ushered in the new reality that there is no longer a rich, powerful Caucasoid boogeyman trying to keep every black boy and man from America’s inner cities away from achieving hope and stability for the benefit of their families

However, this reality is as plain as day. There IS an organized force at work diligently active on the job of breaking down the condition of the overall black community. The main mechanism of this blatant agenda is called the pre-school-to-prison pipeline.

Today, Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses, the creator of this internationally-promoted blog released  her first live nine-minute and eight-second video on the Facebook page of In the video, Mrs. Mhauli-Moses breaks down how black men in America are being “pushed out” of this nation’s society.

The issue at hand here is not just a matter of opinion being spewed by a bunch of conspiracy theorists who make a living fooling people into biting the race bait. The ravaging of black America from the preschool-to-prison pipeline is not a myth and this reality is supported by pure facts.

At the beginning of this week, The New York Times published an editorial titled, “Forcing Black Men Out of Society.” This article was collectively written by the editorial board of The Times. The article refers to an analysis put together at The Times in April 2015.

This published New York Times analysis contains an infographic with some very sobering statistics, which go a long way to prove that there are well  over a million black males aged 24-54 who are currently missing from American society due to an early death or incarceration.

Here’s how the researchers at The Times broke it down. For every 100 black women, there are only 83 black men for each of them. This means that 17 out of every 100 black women in America has absolutely no black man to claim as her own.

Also, when it comes to other ethinic groups in America’s population, this is not the case. For every 100 women in the other non-black ethnic groups in America, (white, Asian, Latina, etc.) there is at least one man out there for them on the dating scene.

The old saying states that if you cut a snake off at the head, the body will wiggle away and die eventually. To the engineers of instutionalized American racism working at the ownership level of the prison industrial complex, black people represent the snake posing a threat to their societal dominance.

The head of that snake is the black man. Removing the black man from society by locking him up much longer and more often for less serious crimes is one way to destory the black community. Another way is to do the trick is to politically neglect his impoverished urban enviornment and flood it with drugs and guns.

That way, black men will turn to a life of crime and wipe themselves out without “the man” having to take any blame for it. He can look the other way and make it appear that blacks are their own worst enemy and the only ones responsible for the destruction of their collective community.

However, people like Mrs. Mhauli-Moses know better. People who are paying attention to the well-designed preschool-to-prison pipeline know the kind of mentality needed to raise the kind of awareness that has the potential to break this cycle.

Movements like #BlackLivesMatter often call on influential black celebrities and other moneyed black figures to support them financially and socially for what they’re trying to do in their fight against tragic forms of racism like the gunning down of black people by non-blacks and officers of the law (Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, etc.)

However, addressing the root causes of the black condition, which starts at birth in black communities is also a very important thing to address as well. The ugly reality is that black lives do not matter in the eyes of the engineers of instutionalized urban destruction, which is the plight of black community’s epicenter.

The evidence of the devaluation of black life does not start after a young man like Mike Brown of Ferguson, Missouri is gunned down by a rogue white police officer. We should not act like it does either in a reactionary fashion. The devaluation starts when a black boy like your young son, nephew, brother, or cousin enters preschool.

Two birds can be killed with one stone. However, that stone must contain a multi-pronged attack. It is very possible to passionately address police brutality and the preschool-to-prison pipeline destroying our boys long before they become men who are gunned down by non-black murderers.

It is also possible to gain a result that pleases all sides of the fight against injustice in all forms.











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