Black Mormon Woman Explains Why She’s Singing At Trump’s Inauguration


By Victor Trammell

It appears as if when black people make headlines for accepting invitations to perform at the upcoming U.S. presidential inauguration, they make a lot of controversy.

This is primarily because of the poor public race relations track record of Republican president-elect Donald Trump. Trump, 70, is taking over as America’s president at a very divisive time. Barack Obama, the outgoing U.S. president is a man of color who came across as a genuine, “feel good” elected leader. His departure is causing a great deal of sadness in those who voted for him to serve two terms.

Trump is a wealthy white man who comes across as hostile to the establishment. Many of his supporters are disenfranchised whites who are looking for a savior who will govern in the best interest of their anti-immigrant and anti-minority political stances. Race is certainly at the center of the reason why both of these men’s supporters have stood by them.

However, regardless of a person’s race, being invited to Washington D.C. to take part in the inauguration of America’s president is most certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity. A black woman named Cristi Brazao (pictured) obviously agrees with that notion and posted a Facebook video defending her choice to take part in the January 20th inauguration of Trump.

Brazao and other blacks who have accepted their D.C. invites have gotten flack from anti-Trump “blacktivists.” They feel that participating in a ceremony, which in their minds will swear in a racist as America’s next president is dishonorable.

In defiance of her critics, Brazao, a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has stood by her decision.

“I can’t speak on behalf of everyone in the choir but for me, my mission as a singer has always been to soften hearts, to bridge gaps, to make connections and also to make friends,” Brazao says in her viral video.

“My mission is one of love, peace and hope and I want to share that with others, even in the face of ridicule because that’s what Jesus Christ did,” she continued.

If you would like to watch Brazao’s video for yourself, click here.







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