Black Woman Experiences Race-Based Terrorism At Her CO Apartment Complex


By Victor Trammell

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A black woman who lives in Adams County, Colorado has been denied the chance to break her lease at the apartment complex she stays in after experiencing numerous incidents of race-based terroristic threats.

According to (Denver ABC-7), Allison Butler (pictured), a resident of the Timber Lodge Apartments said that as recent as this past Saturday night (June 3rd), she had racist notes slipped underneath her apartment door. The notes read inflammatory words, such as “Ni&&er B*tch” and “Ni&&ers don’t belong.”

In addition to the racist notes, Butler has also been experiencing prowlers coming by her door late at night knocking loudly and leaving. These repeated incidents of community terrorism and harassment have caused Butler and her family a lot of fear and anxiety.

She has even addressed her deeply concerning issues with the Adams County, Colorado Sherrif’s Department. However, Butler was told by an Adam’s County Sherrif’s deputy that there was not anything the law enforcement agency could do at the time she filed her report.

Butler also went to her property manager at the Timber Lodge Apartments and asked to be released from her rental agreement as a result of all the threats and harassment. However, her manager did not allow it.

“I asked to be released from my lease but the manager at the leasing office…. (her) response is that I could buy out of it, which means I could pay two months’ rent even though I’m being harassed,” Butler told Denver ABC-7. This incident is prompting the apartment complex to install cameras to surveil all the living units.

When Denver ABC-7 attempted to reach out to the firm that manages the Timber Lodge Apartments, they were not able to speak to anyone, according to the news source’s Sunday (June 4th) report.









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