Black Woman In South Africa Launches Steel Manufacturing Plant


By Victor Trammell

A major business breakthrough has been made by an investment team led by a black woman in South Africa.

According to an online article published last week by Creamer Media’s Engineering News, Mayleen Kyster (pictured left) launched RSC Avelo, a steel-manufacturing company based in Roodepoort, a city located in the Gauteng province of South Africa. This major endeavor occurred at an unprecedented time.

South Africa is currently experiencing some economic adversities.

However, true visionaries in business always know how to make a way out of nothing despite the external barriers that can present themselves in the marketplace. A grand opening event for RSC Avelo was held December 8th in Roodepoort. Kyster gave an enthusiastic speech during the event and shared how she felt with the audience in attendance.

“Even though we are in a depressed market, especially from a steel perspective, we plan on sustaining our growth by offering good service to our clients,” she said. Annie Kilian, a contributing editor at Engineering News explained in her article about this event that RSC Avelo plans to create more jobs in South Africa by expanding its reach.

“[RSC Avelo] uses subcontractors, giving small businesses the opportunity to employ people. [Kyster] stated that Avelo has 25 full-time employees,” Killan wrote. Kyster shared her vision for expansion during her opening speech at the event celebrating the launch of RSC Avelo.

“Going into the future, we plan on adding two additional branches in two different provinces,” Kyster said.

Government officials were also in attendance at the RSC Avelo grand opening event. Phelisa Nkomo, an economic adviser to the Gauteng provincial government attended the event and served as a guest speaker. She said that the metals industry has been vital to helping to turn the economic tide in South Africa.

“This industry is expected to play a major role in supplying the massive infrastructure development programme – launched by the government to stimulate the local economy – while creating significant numbers of new and sustainable skilled jobs,” Nkomo said.

RSC Avelo is a shining example of how black women can make a huge difference in the emerging globalized business world.





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