Black Woman Raises $7.2M In 3 Days For Her Tech Start-Up


By Victor Trammell

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A young black woman based in Atlanta, Georgia achieved an absolutely remarkable feat on the path toward establishing her own company, which specializes in the electronic storage of medical data.

Chrissa McFarlane (pictured) is the founder and CEO of Patientory, a corporation that is the provider of a refined healthcare app. The Patientory app helps facilitate the safe storage and private transformation of digitally-formed medical records.

On her LinkedIn page, McFarlane describes herself, her profession, and the past experience she has gained toward becoming a successful CEO.

“[I am an] entrepreneur with a passion for creating cutting-edge healthcare products that transform the face of healthcare delivery in the US and abroad. I have exceptional leadership, planning and organizational skills enhanced by prior endeavors,” reads McFarlane’s LinkedIn bio.

McFarlane’s company was started with a lucrative, seven-figure Blockchain token sale. Blockchain is a major global software platform for digital assets. Crowdfunding is a vital part of the Blockchain business model.

At the young age of 27, McFarlane raised $7.2 million in funding in just three days to launch Patientory. According to, McFarlane organized an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which attracted over 1,700 investors.

All Blockchain projects and start-up companies utilize their own tokens and digital currencies (such as Bitcoin) to organize the sale of their companies to public investors via an ICO. McFarlane has already worked in the healthcare field for 10 years.

She previously worked for Sherpaa in the Greater New York City Area as a Health Insurance Navigator and Manager. In an exclusive interview with Dr. Corey Petty on The Bitcoin Podcast Network, McFarlane spoke about the critical need for the service and product that Patientory has to offer.

“We spent about six months just researching technology that was out there that would really help in solving three of healthcare’s biggest problems,” McFarlane said in her late May interview.

“[These three big problems are] cybersecurity, lack of access to patient data – we’re on siloed systems where it’s hard to even transfer patient healthcare information from one system to the next, and [the third problem involves creating] something that would help decrease the rising cost of healthcare in the country,” she continued.

You can learn more about McFarlane’s company by clicking here.

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