Black Woman Who Took Bill O’Reilly Down Speaks Out


By Victor Trammell

A black woman who is the most recent accuser to come forward against former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has broken her silence.

Perquita Burgess (pictured) appeared on The View last Thursday (April 20th) to talk about her unpleasant experience as a temporary worker at the offices of The O’Reilly Factor show at Fox News. Burgess worked there as a clerk in 2008.

She claims that she was a victim of constant $exual harassment, which was allegedly committed by O’Reilly.

Burgess appeared on The View accompanied by her attorney Lisa Bloom. Burgess said she endured her first uncomfortable contact with O’Reilly during her earliest days on the job. “Within the first week and a half of me working there, he walked past my desk and he made a grunt noise,” Burgess told The View’s panel of hosts.

“When he made the noise, I thought maybe it was a muscle spasm,” she continued. However, after numerous other instances, Burgess observed that this wasn’t the case.

“I noticed every time he walked past my desk, if no one was around, he would make that noise. He wasn’t speaking to me…It was embarrassing. So I got to the point where I didn’t look at him,” Burgess also said. The former O’Reilly Factor office clerk went on to describe a more lascivious act allegedly committed by O’Reilly.

“[He would] leer at me, look me up and down, I would feel like he was looking at my cleavage. He was making me uncomfortable. He had no reason to be at my desk at all. I just stopped looking at him or paying him any attention, because he was making me uncomfortable,” Burgess continued.

Burgess also claimed O’Reilly would call her names like “Hot Chocolate” and would perform other blatant acts of $exual harassment. This past Monday (April  17th), Burgess called the 21st Century Fox $exual harassment hotline to report O’Reilly’s constant acts of misconduct.

The embattled political pundit has been embroiled in controversy ever since a vast number of women recently came forward to claim he paid them off to keep quiet about his lewd workplace antics. Eventually, Fox News caved to public pressure and removed O’Reilly from his position as a top-rated news show host.






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