Black Women Are Increasingly Buying Guns, Learning To Shoot Them


By Carolyn Tisdale

Currently, the amount of black women buying guns and visiting the shooting range to learn how to use them is skyrocketing.

According to Breitbart News, shooting range establishments in major cities across the country are offering firearm operation classes specifically catered to black women.

Class names like “Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction,” “Brown Girls Project,” and “Black Woman’s Defense League” are among the classes black women can take in cities like Atlanta, Georgia, Cincinnati, Ohio, Dallas, Texas, and Savannah, Georgia.

The U.K.’s Guardian newspaper recently profiled the story of a black American woman from Savannah named Marchelle Tigner.

Tigner is the instructor and creator of Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction, a gun training class taught at Bullseye Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

She is also a domestic violence survivor. Last fall, she began her campaign to teach black women how to use firearms on social media.

Initially, Tigner only anticipated signing up 20 women. However, when she finally implemented her plan for Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction, 20 women signed up in just two days.

Within a week, the proper arrangements were made for Tigner to accommodate twice the amount of women than she had originally hoped for.

“The growth of these classes – I never expected it. It shows me how unsafe these women feel in their communities,” Tigner told the Guardian.

Breitbart also reported that even the National Rifle Association (NRA) is welcoming the tidal wave of black women who are entering the world of legal gun ownership.

“From the NRA’s perspective, [black women becoming registered gun owners in growing numbers is] an awesome trend,” said media relations manager Jason Brown in an interview with Breitbart.

“[The NRA] is not just an old white man’s party,” Brown went on to say.

Antonia Okafor, a black woman who is a lobbyist for the Second Amendment spoke at the NRA’s April 28th Leadership Forum, Breitbart reports.

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