Black Women Are Loyal To Democrats With No Rewards


By Victor Trammell

The predominantly liberal Democratic Party has always had the unwavering loyalty of black women in America.

Morgan Jerkins (pictured) is one of those black women. Jerkins is a 20-something journalist and magazine editor who lives in New York. As a self-proclaimed liberal who votes Democratic, Jerkins found herself like millions of other black women this past Tuesday voting for Hillary Clinton at her local poll station.

She recently wrote an angry, unapologetic, and brilliant piece for Quartz, an online news outlet that reports global issues. Jerkins’ Quartz article was published Friday (November 11th) and contained the uncut truth about how black women in America have gotten nothing in return for their consistent support for liberal Democratic politicians.

“Hillary Clinton, whose “superpredator” rhetoric in regards to black youth led to the passing of the 1994 crime bill that trigged massive incarceration rates, was overwhelmingly supported by the very same black women whose loved ones were likely to have been affected by this legislation,” Jerkins wrote.

“That’s not to say that we have not been critical of her legacy, but we still chose her,” she continued.

Black women did indeed roll with Clinton this past election day. Exit poll reports from CBS revealed that 93 percent of black women who were registered to vote cast their ballot in Clinton’s favor on election day.

“As for black women, we did our part to try and stop [Donald] Trump better than the vast majority of this country, Jerkins also wrote.

However, black women supporting a candidate who was defeated created a poignant condition among an American demographic that always gets the short end of the stick.

“Black women have and always will be the backbone of this country’s racial and social progress, despite rarely being acknowledged for our efforts. For black women, we do not owe anyone; we are owed. Gratitude and respect, not blame and condemnation, are long overdue,” Jerkins added.

Maybe it’s time for a paradigm shift to occur among the black female electorate in America. Their collective voices will eventually be reckoned with if they lobby for causes and candidates who are truly looking out for the best interests of their entire race. The stakes are certainly getting higher.











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