Black Women Are Manly, Says Ro Élori Cutno – Here’s Why & How To Stop


By Victor Trammell

The founder of has launched The Nomalanga Show, a web-based talk series, which features vivid discussions with live guests who contribute social commentary that is relevant to both domestic and foreign black women living in America.

An episode of The Nomalanga Show that was broadcast live earlier this week featured Ro Élori Cutno (pictured above), the author of a book called“Man Leads…: woman Follows, Everyone wins.”  (affiliate) Ro Élori Cutno is also a professional consultant of culture and language.

Ro Élori Cutno conducted a two-year study prior to completing her book, which explains cultured views on societal perceptions of family, globalized thinking, and gender roles.

This week’s web segment was the second time Ro Élori Cutno appeared on The Nomalanga Show. This 40-minute clip sums a very interesting discussion about how black women are depicted on television and subliminally conditioned to behave in society.

Watch the video below:


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