Black Women Believe “Black don’t crack”


iman2If you’ve ever heard the saying “black don’t” crack, you’ll notice that the people most likely to be saying it are Black women. What it means is that Black women age more gracefully than women of other races. Many Black women believe that a combination of their genes, some melatonin and good old self care contribute to their beauty and youthful looks.

It’s hard to dismiss the saying though, when you see women like rock star, Tina Turner, who still looks gorgeous beyond 70 years of age or maybe you haven’t seen supermodel and business women, Iman, who is almost 60 years old and doesn’t look a day over 40!

Well, that notion was part of Allure’s first-ever anti-aging survey in the April 2013 issue, and the results show that most African Americans do indeed celebrate their age-defying looks.

The monthly publication polled 2,000 women and men on the modern perception of aging attitudes and behaviors. The survey yielded interesting insights about sex (it gets better as you get older), the ideal age (everyone wants to be 31) and going gray (we’re not fans), to name a few. And when it comes to which ethnicity thinks they age the best? African Americans have that in the bag.

Eighty-six percent of the African-American survey takers thought that they aged the best, compared to 81 percent of Asians, 53 percent of Hispanics/Latinos and 46 percent of Whites/Caucasians. We clearly don’t lack self-esteem.

More fab findings from Allure’s survey:

64 percent of black women say they aren’t worried about the physical signs of aging
81 percent of black women think they look younger than other woman their age
65 percent of black women have no intention of considering anti-aging treatments or procedures in the future

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  1. we dont crack .the women on Beverly Hills housewivies all look about 65 years old. and they are between 40 and early 50. Black girls,black ladies we rock.

  2. Am I making these things up I cannot remember seen and aging African woman with wrinkles and some of these European women at an early age they look like their skins need pressing. I am not critizing them but check it out.That melanin man is some dynamite stuff eh.

  3. It’s more fact than fiction. Black women age more eloquently than any other race; especially the darker Negress whose body generally contains more melanin. That is not to say that other hues don’t have as much melanin, naturally they have high levels of melanin. Please this is not a color hue issue. If you are a black woman, growing old does not mean looking old. Maybe that’s the reason for the hate.


    Yeah i had a Asian lady that has known me for a long time tell me how beautiful my skin is.I also had a saleslady at the cosmetic counter ask me not to put anything on my skin because it was beautiful.Her job was to sell me her products and she herself was a black woman.So the truth is somewhere in there.

  5. Walter Chesick on

    Whether it’s their beautiful figures, silk-like hair, exotic features or traditional values, Asian women rank at the top of the worlds most gorgeous women.’

  6. Dustin Hooks on

    Asian ladies also desire to be with white males due to the results of their children. Offspring from Caucasian males and Asian women is a good mix and are most of the time beautiful and will grow up to be beautiful. Asian women are well-liked for that strong ties they have with their children and being with white men will give them the assurance that their children will look great along with a bright future.^

  7. Hershel Pfalzgraf on

    Europe, although it’s a small continent has culture steeping all through it. Compare East European women with West European women and you will find a world of differences. Women from the western part of the continent are perhaps more attuned toward the American way of life but if it is mystery you are looking at you should concentrate on the beautiful East European ladies…-

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