Black Women Earn 36 Cents For Ever Dollar a White Man Earns in This Field


By Victor Trammell

The issue of unequal pay between men and women is a troubling reality in every industry that opens its doors for business in America.

However, in the unrewarding trenches of the so-called “food-supply chain” business, the income earning disparity between men and women is much bigger than the average gap where the “glass ceiling” is on full display. published an article on Tuesday (December 27th), which profiled a recent analysis conducted by the Food Chain Workers Alliance (FCWA). This FCWA probe looked into how women as a whole are paid in comparison to white men throughout the food-supply chain industry.

The FCWA is a national advocacy coalition, which fights for the rights of low-wage workers in industries across America. This organization’s analysis concluded that things are not going to get better for people who work in the food-supply chain industry over the course of the next presidency.

Joann Lo, the co-director of the FCWA wrote the following words in an email she sent to

“We expect the situation for food chain workers overall to get worse in the next four years. Particularly since we foresee discrimination against immigrants, women, people of color, Muslims, and LGBTQ workers to increase.” (

Michelle Chen, a contributing writer for authored the December 27th article, which exposed the huge, racially-based income disparities going on in the food-supply chain industry. She  shared some troubling statistics that were based on the FCWA’s analysis.

“[The food-supply chain industry’s] pay scales are dictated by a race-and-gender pecking order, with white men on top. The black-white wage gap among male food-supply workers is 60 cents to the dollar. White women earn about 50 cents per dollar earned by a white man,” Chen wrote.

However, the numbers got even more grim on the disparity table for women of color. Latinas faired the best out of all the women of color who were analyzed by the FCWA, according to They earned 45 cents for every dollar earned by white men.

However, Black and Native women earned a number closer to 36 cents for every dollar earned by white men in the food-supply chain industry, according the number crunching reported based on the FCWA’s analysis.

It appears that a new form of slavery is on exhibit in a billion-dollar industry controlled by modern-day neo-capitalist masters.










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