Black Women Entrepreneurs in Harlem Get Support Center


By Victor Trammell

In Harlem, New York, a new initiative has been launched, which is designed to increase the number of African- American female business owners.

According to, the Harlem Business Alliance recently started the Lilian Project, a program that seeks to help middle to low-income black women born in America get the opportunity to start their own businesses. The Lilian Project also received $300,000 from the W.K. Kellog Foundation in Michigan to help start this initiative.

Gina Ramcharan, the director of the Lilian Project said that the big investment by the W.K. Kellog Foundation was not customary because the foundation usually deals with programs that have to do with the welfare of children.

“Their focus is on children and the welfare of children in this country,” Ramcharan told DNAinfo. ““But one of the ways to help children out of poverty is to help their parents out of poverty,” she continued.

The Lilian Project was designed to address the challenges that middle to low-income black women face when they want to become entrepreneurs. Ramcharan went on to explain how this new initiave would encourage black women to overcome these challenges.

“This is about a community of black women charged to put the lives of other black women on a trajectory for success—women who may not have had the opportunity without this program,” Ramcharan said.

The Lilian Project aims to turn 100 black women into the successful entreprenuers they’ve always dreamed of becoming by July 2018. This fall, 25 black female participants in the program will be selected to kick off The Lilian Project.

“This is not a social venture, it is not a charity,” Ramcharan also said when describing the mission of The Lilian Project. “The end result for the participant will be a formal business plan and help with implementation,” she continued.

Black women who are interested in applying to become participants in the Lilian Project will be able to do so through August 23rd.





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